Bitcoin ETF Pushed Back – Market Drops

The US SEC has pushed back the Bitcoin ETF approval decision from VanEck/SolidX until September 30th, 2018, and the market has reacted crypto market has …


  1. Bitcoin was made to be an alternative to things associated with Wall Street. Bitcoin probably won´t survive if thats what people think is important (ETF´s & Futures).

  2. Sooooo glad they delayed!!!!! It buys me more time to buy up crypto!……. people please see the opportunity in this! I know we are waiting….. it’s coming guys…… this is so great!! Buy up cryptos and HODL!!!! Be the visionarie and then become a millionaire!!!!

  3. They're literally waiting until the start of Q4. That's great news, and pretty much what I expected.
    If they denied it outright, that is bad news. That they are trying to time the market PROVES they are approving it!
    This means they are letting the Bitcoin market know, and all their insiders know when this is gonna blow up!
    This is like when the tide rolls out, a few minutes before the tsunami hits….

  4. The only people moving the market at this point are short term speculators – Let em squirm! Congrats on 1 yr Bobby and cheers to another 🍻

  5. You should do a vid on TOKENPAY (TPAY) bro … They already offer ETF like products through Token Suisse … They are soon to launch a DEX called EFIN and are only going to distribute EFIN coins to Tpay holders (ltc and Xvg) included. You can now stake TPAY in your wallet Windows Mac Linux and the stake rewards are great. They own a percentage of a bank and debit cards are coming, As is Gaming, Esports and much much more. GAME CHANGER !!! FOR SURE. .. LISTING ON 2 TOP 10 EXCHANGES THIS MONTH

  6. Good news upon good news and market moves sideways. An expected thing happens (which isn't even negative) and the market dumps.

    Nothing to see here folks – Just another day in the wonderful world of Crypto!

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