1. Crypto has been declared dead a countless number of times. I understand this is a psychological bias, but I am betting with the trend. The reason I say that is because some of the brightest minds are working in the space, and innovation and exposure is only increasing as time passes. 1 year ago, we had no talks of key players (i.e., Fidelity, TD Ameritrade) entering the space. Regulation is needed for the big guns to come in, though — I do recognize that fact. Exciting times ahead!

  2. As I told you
    Bulltard had their lesson
    Now it’s time for bear tard like you
    Just show us your rektage position
    And btw short this rally! We’re going to 4k as we did in June because of g20 narrative 😂😂👍👍👍
    Short it big here sir and homeless eventually

  3. You just proved to be a Beartrap pretending to be right
    So funny man
    You told me I was dreaming
    You didn’t expect 8.5k and you won’t even expect over 10k
    I’ll see you there my beartard

  4. Told ya
    Cocky bears like you will come to a bad end
    Getting rekt hard with just 1 trade
    I bet you will cry manipulation to justify this movement LOL

  5. not wrong both weed and bit coin are real !!!!!!!!!both are not frauds !!!!fact i smell bear shit written all over this interview and gots to say this as a soldier you need to learn!!!!!!!!!!you learned all this crap your speaking from?a bear ?When A TRUE BULL WHO KNOWS THE TECHNOLOGY REDUCES FRAUDS and is needed all over the planet too track frauds !!!!!!!!!!!the only fraud i see is YOU
    you haven't even studied up on blokchain technologies…….navy army and air force need BLOCKCHAIN AND BITCOIN!!!!!too track the frauds imagine deployments where many realized this !250,000 dollar bolts !!!!!!!!!

  6. You have been talking about the crash to 3/4k and lower since June. You’ll be Just a fucking beartard who will get liquidated soon

    Btw btc didn’t give a fuck to etfs
    You just hope it will crash, that’s not how market work
    In due time cocky bears like you will have a good lesson
    If the crash happens not gonna happen from here

    Bulltard had their lesson. Now it’s time for the fucking beartard like you

  7. Ernie , you know for BTC to be a shitcoin and a fraud , you sure keep , constantly , talking about it. Holy shit , your knocking of Bitcoin has been going on for a long time. I think you should leave Bitcoin alone and start talking about something much "better" and "worthwhile". Don't you think so ? There's thousands of other coins out there , but you only talk about Bitcoin. Whenever I listen to you , I'm become more convinced that BTC is really going to the moon.

  8. ernie – seriously – the only crypto that could work is one the banks will accept – one that dos not aspire to be currency for use by the public – one such as ripple XRP – more of a token that currency

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