Bitcoin ETF Decision DELAYED Until September 30th! [Cryptocurrency News]

Breaking News! Hey Altcoin Daily Team, The SEC has just announced that they are delaying their decisions on Bitcoin ETF. Watch the video. Like. Subscribe.


  1. More financial-cronyism allowing late-comers (ie ICE) to get their products together before a ruling can be made. Simultaneously, allowing fat-cats to fill their bags as well. I'll be stockpiling during these last few months of low prices.

  2. People have a very bad mentality about this ETF. As soon as they announced a DELAY the markets drops $20 Billion. I sincerely don’t understand why investors cash out in an all time low market and also because of one decision, in this case a delay. We are all in it for the profits, but it’s sad to see that the market is purely based around people who want quick gains and lambos and not people who believe in Blockchain and it’s possibilities.

  3. To be fair to Charlie Lee of Litecoin and Jamie Dimon when they made statements that affected the market they were briefly accused of market manipulation which in turn had founder of litecoin sell all his shares of his own company to steer clear of that. So if the SEC make a date which was August and now out of the blue postpone it and it causes another 25 Billion market bloodshed in Cryptocurrency, would that be a reason to sue them for market manipulation? This isn't right and they should not be able to do things like that.

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  5. Enigma(ENG) is definitely Ethereum's missing part to solve problems of scalability and privacy.
    It is only a matter of time before more companies large and small realize the value of Enigma's solutions.
    As a key stakeholders of ENG I've never thought of selling my ENG even in a bear market.
    Look how Enigma has own working product and partnered with Intel.
    Only time will tell. Let's wait and see.

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  7. If they snooze, they will lose ..TokenPay (TPAY) Already offer ETF like products through their partnership with Token Suisse. Millions in orders have already been processed. TOKENPAY is a MONSTER in the making.

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  9. Curious what you think the bottom will be? Also can the SEC postpone again on September 30th or is that the absolute definitive date for a decision? I'm hearing a lot of things that the approval (see what I did there 🙂 ) will explode the market. Thoughts?

  10. You YouTubers make me laugh .
    It's not going up until the manipulators want it, just take a look at gold and silver markets this is a mirror image of 2011.
    But keep making your videos and making your money like I would be doing until people don't listen to you anymore. Ride that wave brother

  11. On one hand I don't mind because now I'll get another Bitcoin at a discount price but I don't think those old farts know what they're dealing with I don't think they know how to set the rules so they'll be able to let crypto do what it needs to do right now all they're doing is suffocating it I think it's time for some new seats on that panel get some young blood in their understand blockchain crypto and things that are going on in this world today I love my grandparents they have no idea anything about crypto so I imagine that's how 3/4 of that panel is

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  13. the SEC is controlled by the banking cartel.. they're not going to pass an ETF to further take power away from the central banks..

    the people are going to either stop farting around and just start buying the alts that will grow further and stop waiting for BitCoin to do what it did last year…

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