Bitcoin Elliott Wave Technical Analysis 2-10-2018

This video covers technical analysis and Elliott Wave principle for BITCOIN. Video Link for learning Elliott Wave Principle: Gonçalo Moreira, CMT: The Trader’s Bookshelf: “Elliott Wave Principle”…


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  3. Interesting EW analysis 🙂 I have also said many times that I think this is a wave2 retracement that we are currently in. My initial target was 5.5 to 6K, but seeing the extent of the correction, I think you are right. Great video, please keep updating with more fib. targets as we go along 🙂


  4. I was going to buy it,  but the fee's are getting too expensive, so.. people are using the other crypto like Litecoin.  I will start using  lite coin this year , and learn how all of this works.  Have a great day Rich.

  5. Great analysis Rich! I don’t think many think it’s going much lower before it goes much higher again. The next few years will be interesting indeed. I’ll give you a call soon. Blessings brother.

  6. So how are you going to force me into using bitcoin if I don't want to?

    Since bitcoin has no intrinsic value, what are the moral, ethical, and good faith values of bitcoin?

    Two simple questions, 3 less data points then an Elliot Wave principle.

    Take your time.

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