Bitcoin early investors (1/4) – Marc de Mesel: cryptocurrency climate from 2012 till today

Yesterday I went to Antwerp in Belgium to meet with early bitcoin investor Marc de Mesel. Marc shared some interesting thoughts on today’s cryptocurrency climate vs the climate before 2017…


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  2. Hallo, did you ever make a video about how to get your privkey from the blockchain when "settings-addresses-options etc' does not go to it? I do not find any adresses beither. (I do have my recovery phrase if that helps)….I keep looking through youtubes but I do not find the answer.Another thing: my debit wallet doesn't work in shops here in Spain:-( Maybe Breda is more advanced….I have a uquid, but ordered the Tenx, thanks to you :-))And we'll see what it does here. The chip on the card seems to be smaller than the 'normal' chips on cards, did you notice?

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