Bitcoin Dumps! Will It Bounce? Korean Exchange Raid, Mining, Macro History – Ep199

BTC dropped almost 800 points in 24 hours, giving us a fresh dose of dips to start hunting. We’ll talk about which levels look good, why it may have happened …


  1. Great show as always, just a quick comment, I was basically insulted by the “most of them don’t have computers in South America”. We don’t only have computers, we have cutting edge technology and FTTH in most main cities.

    I live in Chile and have great friends in Argentina

  2. Hi Thomas,i subscribed on your youtube channel, and i like your technical analyse. Can you give me advise about TA books which you consider useful and which need to read necessarily. I appreciate your opinion ! Thanks a lot

  3. Did you really just say that most people in Argentina don't have computers or cellphones? OMG, do you even do some research before posting these videos? You've lost credibility

  4. One of your best videos Carter. The macro perspective you present is insightful and separates you from a lot of the other guys in this space. Keep up the awesome videos on! Thanks!

  5. From April 6 you can draw a trendline which connects to aroumd $8k and I think it's gonna bounce from there back to $8200 support. Lets see if consensus will really drive the price up.

  6. Why do you NEVER mention Dash? Are you one of those that don't consider it a legitimate crypto? (i.e. How many times have you mentioned Monero vs Dash?) Are you aware of the efforts/activity with Dash in countries like Venezuela and Argentina? I'm not looking for a shill, but when you focus on those situations and not mention Dash, I question your bias.

  7. I don't know why I am still subscribed to you??? I hate the way you deliver the information so slow!!! Man it's killing the entire presentation. To deliver a simple piece of information you take like ages. You are a nice guy I think. Please be concise and make video shorter.
    Thank you.

  8. Thanks for the vid, Carter. I'm a small time miner and trader/investor. The mining scene is changing. There is huge competition coming from big industrial miners (Bitmain) that is wiping out small miners. Some coins are forking to asic resistant algorithms. The space may morph to another place where asics do not have the advantage and where GPU's will dominate i.e. rendering. So it is not all gloom and doom.

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