BITCOIN DUMPING! | Yellow Vest BANK RUN In France!!

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    0:45 Bitcoin Analysis
    10:14 Poll Results
    11:57 Transactions = Bullish
    13:17 Yellow Vest Bank Run!
    15:53 Fractional Reserve Banking Explained

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  2. Your bitcoin analysis is interesting, but your explanation of fractional reserve banking is wholly wrong. You leave out the entire concept of collateral.
    Yes, a run on the banks is a possibility and there would not be enough cash on hand to cover withdrawals. But, lending money is how the banking system operates. It's not some kind of scam. I suggest you watch "It's a Wonderful Life." Or maybe take a basic econ course.

  3. Longrst video I’ve ever seen from you, Carl. This clearly makes this my absolute favorite video. Not just of yours, but of all time. Pigs get fatter; hogs get slaughtered. So I don’t want to be greedy but the only thing better than a 23min video is a 46min video. Just sayin’. JUST SAYIN’.
    Thank you so so so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. One question Carl .
    We understand banks have no money , but backed by government.
    I don't understand this( by what bitcoin backed)
    Can you answer please .
    What makes bitcoin not to drop to 0 dollar ?

  5. my 2 pennies worth: bullish divergence in the weekly will signal the bull market transition around van-eck end of feb. if rejected, then $200 is on the cards

  6. This is the only time you’ve been wrong. Fractional banking is his $1 is left on paper .10 he actually has and. .90 is loaned out. 10% is retained not a full 100%

  7. Very important: XRP Ripple is owned by the very same criminal bankers AKA Rothschild that the yellow vest are protesting against. This is precisely their plan. Don’t use XRP RIPPLE! Bitcoin only!!!

  8. Lucky i sell early😂
    We are moving sideways this coming week..i will not Trade that sideways.. we are going Down Again to Test Lower Suport and buy more and hold and sell my 30% after 2years…! 🚀

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