Let’s take a look at Bitcoin, Digibyte, Stellar and Cardano for the last two weeks in July 2018. Diving into blockchain news. To see where BTC DGB XLM and …


  1. Tijo, wish I knew where crypto was heading. In my 5 years of trading it – I never seem to know much. Spring of 2017 was the last time I sensed such bullish fever and then the hysteria which followed into December.

    We need to have a mushroom seance or at least a smoke.

  2. Tijo, Do you think altcoins will recover and perform strong again or do you see Bitcoin and just a select few altcoins benefiting in the next big run up? Always like to hear your opinion!!!

  3. Bottom Smash My friend, DGB doing Awesome, Stellar is just Plain kicking Ass, I'm also waiting for that 46% dominance Breakout to happen, and we will have a little of a retrace but we'll see a 10K BTC soon, thanks man, Peace

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