BitCoin Debunked in 2 Minutes A Scam That Will Collapse

Bitcoine has been Blocked by The Chinese Government. BitCoin Is Not a limited resource. It is infinitely divisible and therefore infinitely expandable.


  1. Bitcoins divisibility = quantitative easing the dollar. Bitcoins market value is determined by the dollar. And after further review…..The dollar remains the worlds reserve currency. You may pay me in bitcoin or dollars; they are the same from the same source and it is not open, get it yet? Decentralized, peer to peer, open source, algorithms, encryption, (my favorite) BLOCKCHAIN 🙂 Nothing is changing; they are just changing their suit colors.

  2. The whole cryptocurrency market is one big scam. It is a pump and dump scam that people are getting robbed by. Bitcoin and all the others are no different than bitconnect and davorcoin. No different! Same methods, same structure, same hidden owners waiting to exit scam.

  3. Real currencies are created by STATES and backed by its Gold/Bonds Reserve, its Economy and territorial resources. Poeple are putting life savings in a video game OMG. You cant cash out at will, you have to wait someone to buy you in. This is not currency, its a stock. A stock of a company that has no adress, no product, funders, nothing. Uncle Madoff is so proud

  4. Bitcoin will eventually be as fake as the money that's used in the game of Monopoly! Except you paid real hard earned cash to play in that Monopoly game! ENJOY !!!

  5. IF Bitcoin were infinitely divisible, your argument would make sense. However, Bitcoin ISN'T infinitely divisible. Each BTC can be split into only 100,000,000 units, which means 0.00000001 BTC is the minimal amount of Bitcoin anyone can own. This smallest unit of Bitcoin is known as a Satoshi.

  6. another thing you FAIL to understand is how bitcoin IS limited because the CODE it is written in forces it to be limited. and before you say "the code can be edited", understand how much of a huge market hit would come about from changing such a thing in the code. burning coins isn't somethign that goes silent – it will cause major market fluctuations, and miners would be aware of it, so the word would spread very quickly.
    very poor analysis of bitcoin in this video.

  7. EvN if it was a limited rEscORz, hU gives a crap – in fact crap is a limited rEscORs – there's OnlE 7billEN PEcz of crap pr dA.. does that mEn that the vLU of hUmN crap should gO up 72millEN% lIk bitcOEn did?.. wat the hL is bitcOEn?, is it NEthing at all other thN just a scam? I dOnt C NE vLU or Uz in bitcoen watsOevr- it aPRz 2 B pUr BS.. which there is a limited # of LsO by the wA.. there R OnlE sO mNE bulls on this plNet, thA tAk a limited # of shits.. sO wat?, where's the vLU? wat Ppl mA think the vLU is- is that the govrnmNt cNt tax U on bitcOEn.. I red that's not trU, they hav record of all bitcOEn transactions & consider it(not $) but property & thA cN tax the public whatever thA want on it.. wat the hL, R Ppl just trYng 2 B az s2pid az thA cN possiblE B, caz thA think it's funE?.. is this the nU fad, 2 put all Ur FOrtz in2 BEng az s2pid az possibL?.. pUr scam.. if I'm missing something some1 plEas do NlItN✋️☹️

  8. Block and chain. They’re telling you exactly what it does. Greedy slaves change their rationale every month for this scam. Now they’re telling me to think of my children and ignore at my own peril. Scam scam. Scam. Scam.. . The real world is where I will stay. With my real currency, Time, freedom and privacy.

  9. so bitcoin is just a protocol to interact with a database ledger (block chain). In order to interact with this ledger I have to use gas called bitcoin (same name). There are people who create (mine) bitcoin and use up their electricity so they get paid while creating the ledger. If I want to use money on this ledger I need to go to an exchange center who gives me a price for whatever currency I am using per bitcoin. So the exchange rate is high because of demand to have this currency. So why does the cost of using this currency rise? Is it the historical value of having one of the 21 Mil coins? What is the value of being able to do entries with this database? At the end of the day it's technology that will be outdated at some point right? Is this the same thing as saying I BOUGHT ONE OF THE FIRST COMPUTERS EVER SO ITS WORTH THIS MUCH MONEY. The average person has no reason to interact with this database right? I mean if everyone cash out their bitcoin for cash where did all that money come from? It's like the only thing backing this created money is real actual money. It's a demand to have one so it drives supply up but what does having a BItcoin really mean? Doesn't someone have to be willing to PAY that much for it? Am I missing something? I just don't get it. I understand the concept but not why having bitcoin is worth anything. Sooner or later it will be free to interact with a blockchain, we all know that's coming. It will be better than Bitcoin, so why would having this Bitcoin be worth anything? I mean are there REAL physical coins somewhere made of something?

  10. Just because something is infinitely divisible doesn't mean there is an infinite amount of it. I can have 0.001 milligrams of water, that doesn't make water an unlimited resource.

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