Bitcoin DEATH Cross (Warning)

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  5. Folks I've been in btc/crypto for a few years(still new) this guy has no clue,I love it when x wall street wannabes "try" and call what the crypto market will do! NO ONE CAN CALL THIS MARKET PERIOD. And please I'm going off of this ridiculous video right here but please do not give this person your $$. Give none your $$ this is crypto real easy if you want to get in (right now a great time) get in and invest in what u want out ur coins in cold storage and check in on them every once or twice a year. Crypto is not a get rich over night thing it's long term value it's still a bsby.

  6. when you say STOP IT you warning me ? how many people's lives did you guys destroy? it's time for FBI catch and send to prison all who somehow realted to this FRAUD of bitcoin, those individuals who behind curtains manipulate it's price causing millions of people an heart attack. Damn Bitcoin and his creators!!! Path to Hell, burn all of you, cheaters!!!

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