Bitcoin Death Cross Is Official! Trading Volume Backs It Up!

The Bitcoin Death Cross happened today and the volume is there to back the cross up. Will the death cross hold and the price continue to go down? Or is there hope for Bitcoin to reverse right…


  1. Higher volume is because of those shi*s YouTubers that hyped people to buy more and give the money to whales. Any person that is more than 2 years in crypto knows it will keep falling until 110B range

  2. Bitcoin has lost 90% of its value a umber of times and returned to new highs. Nobody knows where its going and when but one thing that seems to be clear is that Bitcoin is here to stay as a legitimate financial investment.
    Considering money is simply a storage system for human labor time anything that people are willing to trade their labor time for has value.

  3. I think that Telcoin this year can give many X-es! As surely as Verge in 2017) I received free tokens telcoinairdrop. com I will buy some more at the exchange, and now I'm waiting for the growth. I hope in 50 X-es at least )

  4. I should imagine anyone with half a brain is spending time with their family this weekend tucking into Easter eggs. Whether the crossover in moving averages has any impact on the future price of BTC remains to be seen. As I said previously there are many more factors that determine price other than TA. My own personal opinion BTC is going down a lot more like another 80%+. HODL has to be the most retarded acronym ever invented. This is what happens when think you can get rich in 2 weeks rather than 2 decades. A lesson to be learnt by many millennials in the I want it now world.

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