Bitcoin Days as King Is Numbered @kryptotwins

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  1. You dumb mutha fuckers have no clue at all

    Just make up some shit to make a video

    Please do not follow the dumb mutha fuckers when it comes to crypto

    They definitely not done their homework

  2. Bitcoin cash will take over garaunteed. Massive scaling ahead. Massive influx of users and applications now with block size increase. Free markets are decentralised ENOUGH. Mining is a market. 0 conf is as fast as it gets. Merchants simply set risk threshold at their discretion. It's a continuum from 0 conf with no fee. 0 conf with higher and higher fee up to 1-conf 2 conf etc… rethink your position… all the big names are quietly working on bch.

  3. You two need your own comedy special! You have me rollin'! By the way, don't sleep on TRON….they have a plan and are executing it perfectly, plus they have the Don King of Crypto Promoters behind it! McAffe announced his presidential run, just so he can promote crypto's to the masses…..he is in love and tied to TRON! TRON is etheriums demise, better in every way and even more so compared to Bitcohn…..TRON will be the KING in time….XRP a close second.

  4. Stupid Hodge Twins. BTC will always be #1. Just watch. Only 21M ever produced and segwit lightning network. The safest way to store value. Stick to the weights and stop rushing in late to crypto like everyone else.

  5. Yo Twins , love the video's. Could you address this issue because I see it as the biggest problem Ripple / XRP holders are facing and NO ONE is talking about it. Liquidity – at current pricing / anything under a dollar there isn't enough XRP to handle the needs of the contracted clients, never mind the potential clients. The system as it stands right now could not handle one 39 billion dollar transaction. The transaction processor would get an error message "sorry there isn't enough available xrp to facilitate your transaction, try again in 20 minutes" Help am I off base here????

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