Bitcoin DARK POOLS ?!

There is an inherent issue with ICOs that we’re going to discuss today, PornHub starts accepting Verge, banks in Phillipines show cases, Jennifer Aniston crypto …


  1. Hello Ivan, my actions and intentions on this project have been open to see from the start, I can not control all of gandhiji's believers and I would hate for history to repeat. With the greatest respect. Gandhi Ji. I have also emailed.

  2. Ivan, on the subject of Dark pools there is a decentralised crypto darkpool very close to launching it's called Republic Protocol, it's very interesting please take a look.

  3. Hi Ivan. Appreciate the channel enormously, but please make sure you can delay the mic signal. This time about 250 ms I guess, sometimes even more. Your streaming software can probably do that with a simple setting. I never see the sound lagging the video; if it's out of sync, the video is behind the audio up to about 1500 ms…

  4. Salpay ico (SAL)is based n Phillipines who are salaries processors. They are the crypto arm of Salarium a 10 year old established company there. They use their Salpay tokens to seamlessly pay in pesos and transfer money from abroad to Philippines. Its been largely under the radar but it will be big when they expand into other countries as they are in the process of expansion.

  5. I don't like an economic model which Steem uses. I know that the newspaper or internet journalists are usually paid for their work – but then – they do make a research for their article (or at least should be doing). Aren't things written on Steem pretty useless? Like as usual.

  6. I agree with Ivan many ICO''s will fail to deliver. There's three up and running to my knowledge — BTC, ETH and XRP. I won't mess with XRP on principle. Fear not. There's so many good people in this space and their intent is to bring usable products to market ASAP. The world is changing with us. It must or perish in the wake of the vast, overpowering criminality of ancient money.

  7. 900% daily return ? Dont know who Jennifer Aniston or prince Charles are… ? Sounds like Wakandan technology my friend….
    Where can I get in ?!
    AAhahaha hah ah ah haha hahahah,……

  8. Ivan, would you take a hard look at algorithmic trading bots? I see quite a few on the market with active communities and reasonable expectations for outcomes.

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