BITCOIN & CRYPTOS DROPPING ~ TRUTH ABOUT THE MARKETS Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other Alto coins are pulling back, and following a multi …


  1. Sorry I have to disagree about bitcoin not growing up to great prices again without regulation. We have had two months of news about major players coming into the market and they are not waiting for regulation,,, they are waiting to buy. Once that money hits the market cap in the next couple of months. Regulation will have nothing to do with it my friend.

  2. Since big investor came in this market i think it´s manipulate by a few. If you want feel secure wait until capitalization grows in high volume . Nice video Spark, hope spread to others your comments so clear btw..

  3. Internet was a major technological innovation, making Human life easier and faster. Blockchain solved a major flaw in Human beings, TRUST. If that does not make you bullish AF, read again.

  4. It's almost as if it's regulating itself. Prices reflect reality much more now. In the meantime, projects are developing and providing some real infrastructure. Cryptos still outperform the stock market by a huge margin, so it's all good. Thanks for sharing some hard truths.

  5. Very interesting video actually and I agree totally the media rarely do the required research before writing FUD articles. Before even reading the majority of them you know its going to be complete rubbish. On a site note from reading couple of comments below on privacy coins, I actually do believe privacy coins will have a strong showing within the top 50 by the end of 2018. Obviously the usual heavy weights like Monero, ZCash will be there regardless of their privacy features, but the smaller low cap coins I feel will make great gains this year, I think a couple were mentioned already, DeepOnion, Cloakcoin, PIVX etc.

  6. Something to consider in Crypto values… MINING and supply/demand. I read that over 2000 BTC tokens are mined each day. I'm sure many of these are mining pools. Do they HODL these freshly mined tokens or do they sell on the market as they mined. Can the market absorb them easily without price dropping. But as it gets harder to mine BTC… less will get dumped on the market. Personally I think these mining pools take advantage of the deregulation on BTC by shorting futures and selling them all at once. It would be easy money.

  7. What's up Ed, I read the comment below about Privacy coins, I've been asking Crypto youtubers this question and haven't gotten a strait response. Here goes, Ok we know that the Govt wants to know everything we do. This is why they want a cashless society because tracing cash is not easy. So knowing this why do people feel that Privacy coins will be big? Or even exist after regulation comes?? Privacy coins are the exact opposite of what the vast majority of Govts want. I'm no genius but I cant wrap my head around how privacy coins will exist,especially with Govt oversight well on it's way? Your sharp Ed what am I missing?

  8. People are emotional buyers and sellers anyway, I don't expect anyone to think rationally about their money investments lol.
    I mean, if they were rational buyers, they would turn to cryptocurrency projects with substance. We would be seeing more privacy coins in the top 20 market positions instead of coins like Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, and from privacy coins, Monero (the privacy features of which are cringeworthy) and the only other good option that's getting attention is Zcash? Really? I think people should start appreciating coins like PIVX and DeepOnion which have good privacy features. My suggestion is that good youtubers like yourself should start giving shoutouts to good small market cap coins, especially privacy coins because in today's day and age, is there anything more precious than privacy?

  9. Hope u right BTC drop to $6000…i buy MORE….great content….and crypto community watch out with some youtuber….doing pumps …thinking they kno the future….u guys just going to lost money…ouch….thanks for the updates…💪👌

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