Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – NASA Taking ETH to Space, Telegram, & Kraken Talks Tough

Today in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – NASA bulding a deep space ship based on blockchain taking Ethereum to space, Telegram CEO stands up to Russian government, Kraken CEO talks tough on New…


  1. thank you for saying the truth about the kraken investigation. 100% accurate. fact finding my ass. Ok people repeat after me… government bad. freedom good. (say this before bed every night till it sinks in.) wink! LOL

  2. I'm sure you've heard about it already, but if not, check out "TheOceanCleanup." They are trying to clean up the great pacific garbage patch.
    Also! i know this is not Ocean related, but you should check it out Lark!
    Its a charity to make NANO completely green by planting trees

  3. Nice one dude! Alts go up just before I'm gonna buy….dang! oh well wait for the flip, if history repeats it's likely that the alts will dip and go back into Bitcoin before to long.
    The whole bch on reddit/twitter/.com isn't good…as you said, Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin but noobs will likely go there first. Seems like manipulation. I heard that bch has only one developer and if that's true how can they innovate? or they just wait and copy more from those that do. I've watched/listened to Roger Ver several times and he can be annoying because he is to full of himself. People say he's passionate but I don't think it's that has much as narcissism (not that I'm a psychologist) and this is the Internet 😀 maybe he's not such an ass in real life. Maybe bch would do better if he wasn't the front man.

  4. Just understand that Russia is doing this to Telegram because America had funded a military coup in Ukraine (for $5 billion) in order to overthrow the pro Russian government and install a Western puppet who then took over the media and brainwashed the Ukrainians to hate Russia, then they installed missile systems pointed at Russia and are building up the army ready to cause problems for Russia. The CIA had plans to cause destabilization within Russia and had even thought about organizing coups within Russia itself to try and overthrow the Russian government. George Sorros has caused many destabilizing operations and colour revolutions within various countries not towing the U.S./Zionist/NATO line. George Sorros and his foundations and NGOs are banned from Russia for this reason. This is the reason why Russia had to take these measures with the monitoring of social media. Social media is used to organize destabilization efforts by the CIA and George Sorros foundations. Most people just don't understand how serious the tensions are between the U.S. and Russia…

  5. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
    Oceanic Preservation Society.
    Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project.
    American Cetacean Society.
    Whale and Dolphin Conservation.
    Institute for Ocean Conservation Science.
    Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation Thank you Lark! for donating to such a charity ;)……"noshavetill20k" crypto Lark Nation

  6. Good job lark as always very transparent! Honestly more people need to talk about what BCH is doing.. They can do whatever with their own pages etc, but talking trash about bitcoin with the name bitcoin is just too much, imagine what the newcomers will say about bitcoin if they read what they post! Twitter needs to do something about this tbh. Roger Ver is hurting the crypto space a lot more than he is helping it, someone has to stop him.

  7. Hmmm Lark, are you related to Ned Flanders from the Simpsons ! Just kidding mate. Hey charity idea – ANZAC day is next week why not find a NZ based organisation? Should be difficult. Peace out 🙂

  8. Lark… I have 2 coupons from Bitmain. They just block you so you can not use them. Do not support this criminal company. I like you and I watch as often as I can. But..and even if you give free stuff away..if in any case you link yourself to Bitmain, I will unfollow you and I will loose my high respect for you.

    You should see how many people they have scammed and left with faulty machines and only made more profit by doing wrong then by being honest business. There are litterally thousands and thousands

  9. Great things all around. Lots of standing up to the systems happening. Control is shifting.
    Ver, just, please no…. So many camps. We didn't leave left (or) right thinking to hit this wall.

  10. Oddly enough I got into Bitcoin/Crypto because I saw Roger Ver in a interview. . . Learned real quick what he was about luckily but that aside I am thankful. Thanks Lark!!!

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