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Today in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency SatoshiPay gives away Stellar Lumens, no one wants Ripple’s money, upcoming ICOs, Craig Wright’s week gets worse, and ICO Alibabcoin finds out about stealing…


  1. IOTA is twisting the narrative a tiiiiiiiny bit…… Yes, Our Nationalbank is considering to use tech from them.. But, they are ONE of 19 other who submitted proposals to the bank. And even if the pick IOTA for the project, it will not be IOTA with a "Krona" stamped on it… It will be a new system, centralized, traceable and managed by the bank.

  2. You know I love ya, Lark, and I will continue to do so, but I'm gonna have to disagree with your view on the ETH/ASIC situation, simply letting it happen. PoS done right is still about a year or so away, and will likely begin with a hybrid PoW/PoS strategy. These ASIC machines remove the ability for the majority of the masses to be able to participate in mining and moves deeply closer to centralizing Ethereum – a notion that goes agains a major keynote from the Ethereum whitepaper – that is decentralization.

    Mining Ethereum and other Ethash coins brings a lot of new people into the crypto space as well. Furthermore, the majority of the Ethereum community is against the use of ASICS as depicted at github and reddit, etc. Bitmain should concentrate on providing ASICS to the communities that welcome them. The Ethash algorithm, an algorithm that prides itself as being ASIC resistant has been compromised – this affects more than just Ethereum. This issue goes very deep and will have severely undesired consequences, not fully realized until it's likely too late.

    The Monero community gave Bitmain the first warning with their anti-ASIC strategy and now is the time for the Ethereum community to deliver a second warning. From what I gather, fine developers are working hard at a potential EthashV2 and I will welcome it when it's ready, wholeheartedly.

  3. i have no idea what alibaba coin is but the lawsuit sounds ridiculous. The name alibaba in the ME is as famous cave with treasure in a children's story. 80% of Arab will not have heard of alibaba the amazon ripoff but everyone knows the name alibaba. the name is Arab for fucks sake.

  4. Thank you again Mr Lark for another informative entertaining review. We can only hope that all those people who took all the cash out when it was high, decide to reinvest into the crypto world & share the love. Show me the MONEY. cheers from the other side of the ditch.

  5. Why isnt anyone talking about Etherium classic in all this? Is etc dead? Do you think being that ETH moving to POS ETC will become the new ETH ? I ask because most staking coins plummet are more volatile , less of a security and dont hold there value ….Your thoughts

  6. yeah i have Dragon chain lol….hoping Ont will go down more ,think it will dip -10 % in the red,,,,,,,Thanks Lark! for the news "noshavetill20k" 10 billion lawsuit like wtf 10 "BILLION"? who comes up with these numbers,denying ripple to get listed,good for them they must not want for a good reason ,why would one need to offer Millions of dollars? hmmmmmmm love it, ICO'S coming up must be nice to have funds to buy into all of these ughhhhh, cheers Lark

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