Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Crypto Crackdown, Kutcher Donates XRP, & Faketoshi BTCGold Beef

The latest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – international crackdown on fraudulent crypto offerings, Ashton Kutcher donates XRP for wildlife conservation, …


  1. Greetings from Tonga – Hey Lark thanks for the heads up with SunContract. Somehow that had managed to slip through my net and I had not previously heard of them. I have just had a quick peep and they look as though they are right up my alley so just about to dig deeper. Cheers as ever matey. J

  2. Some are in my state. The best way to become an ICO, is become a non-profit and use education and developing as way to get into the blockchain. Not a white-paper with no teeth. The Chamber of Digital Commerce advises self-regulation. And that is my two Satoshi's.

  3. Fake news.
    He never said he didn't have the keys. He said he doesn't have the courage to prove it because he could be held accountable for a lot of the crimes that occured on the dark web or whatever bullshit crime the government comes up with out of spite. He showed Gavin Andreson and now Gavin believes and supports him. The fact that you're happy about XRP getting air time shows what your principles are. This is a libertarian movement, and you moonboys are ruining it.

  4. Want to know why Bitcoin is down? Bill Gates is shorting the hell out of Bitcoin thanks to the Winklevoss twins. They called him out and now he is putting his money where his mouth is. Warren Buffet is probably helping him, those old dinosaurs said Bitcoin will come to a bad ending and they are making it happen.

  5. CW is really a terrible actor in crypto but also in life. He is so despicable I can't bear the thought of him. His Rwanda speech was atrocious. "I have more money and I don't care…" SO him.

  6. So back in 2009-2010 my husband was obsessed with World of Warcraft and recounts how Satoshi Nagomoto was one of the players on Wrath of the Lich King. They used to trade bitcoin before there was a market. I seriously doubt that douche, Craig Wright, was a gamer. (Unfortunately my husband didn’t hold onto his 1000s of Bitcoin back then…sigh).

  7. $4 Million should have went to Africa's needy men, women and children before gorillas. People could be educated, fed, clothed, given medicine…thus improving conditions for all species

  8. Loaded up on Sky after watching Synth on your channel so thanks Lark……..btw he knows who Satoshi is perhaps………I wish someone would protect me from Betfair like they are so keen to protect my interests in cryptos:)

  9. DogHouse is getting a new rug as it looks like i will be spending at lot more time in it. Dog inside home by the heater looking at me outside in his cold drafty old doghouse. Wife not happy with my Crypto passion. Only Passion i am getting.

  10. good thing protecting investors as there are some dodgy people scamming & taking advantage of the crypto system.
    That's right folks Earth has naughty people living on it.

  11. Why dont you pick out or search for negative news from one of the many crap coins you have PROMOTED on your videos as you influenced people in buying alot of shit coins so why dont you make the people aware of the news from all those shit coins you PROMOTED, instead of always looking for something on Bitcoin Cash like all the other cry babies who cry about Roger Ver or Craig Wright who have more knowledge then most people on crypto. If you dont have Bitcoin Cash in your portfolio you must be dumb. Craig Wright is full on but he is full steam ahead on crypto he plays all the cry babies and doesnt care not like all these gaylords who speak all nice politically correct bullshit PROMOTING shit coins on your videos

  12. Oh, God! When the Hollywood puppets get recruited to shill XRP, it raises many questions for me! BIG money wants XRP pushed onto their masses of sheep. What in the hell are “they” up to? This explains why a friend called me this afternoon asking if I would help her buy “shares of Ripple”. I couldn’t imagine how that thought would have ever entered her head, but now I know….she is a huge Ellen watcher….

  13. Can somebody explain how I get the free airdrops with EOS, I have them on binance ? I have no idea what to do regarding registering them I wish there was a video on this as this is so confusing please help thank you

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