Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Bitcoin Milestone, VC Bullish on Crypto, and Fine Art

The latest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – Bitcoin hits a big milestone, Ukrainian party funding on crypto, Vitalik and Charles boycotting Consensus and Fresco is …


  1. Yo CryptoLark! I'm doing an animation series based on Crypto, and turning influencers into animated characters. (Currently doing an episode with CryptoCandor). Let's collaborate. You got a good sense of humor, and I'd love to give you some input on an episode/turn you into a character. Let's chat on twitter @krypticrooks

  2. I just passed the fresco v2 test. Here is how you pass it: you read the website and white papers, there is no workaround, you use google reverse image search for the paintings, or you go straight to Sotheby’s website and do a search in their database, you copy /paste the questions that don’t come with images into google, you also use Wikipedia and even further you do a keyword search on the Wikipedia page itself via command-f on a 💻 mac. Any other tips?

  3. Hey Lark, speaking of Fresco; have you heard of freyrchain? Waltons first child chain also in the arts/collectibles industry. Seems similar and has huge database of highend art that i believe will also get tagged with wtc rfid for autheticity and auction houses have already used frec token as payment.

  4. I agree with Charles; 3000 dollar is really expensive. At least for me. Thank you for the news update! 0x1e9f1f02b59f8c70b3319c0f913d4b1e7aba4916

  5. Been a big fan for awhile. Just realized I wasn't even subscribed. o.O Am now! Wouldn't mind some ELEC. 🙂 Address: 0x9d80a8edf7dc184145c980019d8f61fd27945244

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