Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Crash Proves They Are Worthless Hype

The Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Crash Proves They Are Worthless Hype I have taken these points from Ronny Moas – Founder at Sandpoint Research Tom Lee …


  1. I am still doubtful if it's a good investment wagon or not, coz a lot of Gurus are still divided on the subject..I think it is safe to invest 20% of life savings…incase a Bumper Harvest Rains

  2. today bitcoin is 2649.80 pounds per bitcoin and it keeps declining
    im just student and im no expert when it comes to investing but i feel its best to invest in something after all the hype and its declined significant but its roughly stabilised again thats what i think anyway

  3. Finally someone who tells like it is. I first heard of the Bitcoin "Investment" bandwagon earlier this year, I got so sick of it, knowing it was driven purely by speculation, and the sheer amount being posted on social media.

    It makes you shake your head when they claim that Bitcoin is going to "kill the US Dollar" and "The silly Stock Market is nothing compared to Crypto", look who is laughing now. I don't feel bad for people who spent money on it, including my own brother who lost 500$ on some nonsense called Ripple.

    There is a family on Youtube that bet everything they owned on Bitcoin. They are probably crying like babies right now. That's what you get when you buy into silly hype and non existent BS.

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