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  2. news masternode:

    1. Now to start the MH via the service project does not need to send us coins – it is necessary to make a transfer equal amounts 250K or 2,5 KK coins on your wallet and send the hash of the transaction, the admins of the chat. The algorithm will register your masternode for this transaction and bind the receiving wallet. You will receive daily accruals to the wallet of the transaction receipt from the first day until the amount is on the wallet. A little later we will make an auto-registration form on the website and statistics interface. This wallet can be used in the future, but the amount should not be less than the required Deposit!

    2. Changes the payment for the service mastered!
    We reserve the cost for the service of great mastered 5% charges. With little mastered auplata will be 10%. Thus, the real percentage of payments from masternodes on the project service is 108% per annum for small and 114% for large masternodes. With self-installation, everything remains the same-120% per annum! Savings when installing a large masternode is achieved by renting 1 server (instead of 10 servers on small masternodes).

    3. All nodes at the service project to this message will remain on the old terms.

    4. Please note that our offer for the masternode service continues to be very profitable, because the cost of vps servers for small nodes will pay off the project service only at the price of 30sat per 1 resk (and for old designs at 60 sat). This is our step towards investors, which indicates confidence in the development of the project and its future economic growth!

  3. I blieve 100% that at one point the crypto market will explode in Q1 or Q2 of 2019 no doubt about it, epcially this projects Cardano, Digibyte, Apollo, BABB and U Network, because they are really amazing projects and they are extremely undervalued right now.

  4. Down. That H&S isnt set up well and imo expired. BTC down to that 32 3300 area, XRP 28 to 32 cent …that 15th dec low not the all time low and imo we will see a double bottom yet I guess in the next 34 days …buy then or wait to go down the rabbit hole further is the mystery. Cheers money for your TA.

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