1. I don't consider OTC  dangerous at all.  Companies or "Coins" can be offered at  OTC QB which is general issue "riskier" or move up to OTC QX which  is completely international ,a high level of security and  has some big names on their  index. QX is just as safe as any large  exchange like Nasdaq or S&P  and is actually  a good way  to buy international stocks as well as a highway into how international customers buy  U.S stock  Personally if I could buy Bitcoin  through  a TD Ameritrade account ,as I can with any OTC stock,…….I'd feel a lot better than a digital only method  through a cell phone  like Coinbase.  Crypto is a great market if it could just be competitive with an over valued stock market ,in other words  put it in the same arena for trade. Thank you for all your help Ed and please correct me if I'm out of line.

  2. So aren’t the OTC sellers cutting out their own profits by not selling the coins on the exchange? If they move 1000 BTC on the exchange, then price should increase -in turn giving them a higher price for their own coins. Additionally, if OTC sellers are selling without performing AML/KYC verification, then aren’t they in fact breaking the law? Perhaps it’s a money laundering scheme… I’d like to know more about this topic as well. Another good video Spark!

  3. This video seemed vague for someone wanting to know just how to disintermediate the exchanges. I would have made it clear whether OTC is synonymous with P2P. I would have mentioned LocalBitcoins (if not another resource for OTC) and described the experience to help manage a noob's expectations.

    Use Camtasia and you can show yourself AND useful data at the same time in your vlogs.

  4. I agree with the volume comment. The audio level for your content is at one level and then you intro and outro (especially) the outro is multiple times louder. Viewers need to raise the volume to hear you then get their speakers blown from the fancy exit. Not cool.

  5. Great "Off The Cuff", OTC video.

    Not being a big time TA subject matter expert; It has been interesting to track relative percentile movement averages within a given time period, as a variant tool of tone and pulse of the market.

    Lately when Bitcoin moves 1-2%, Ethereum Classic moves the same, and BCash, Ethereum and Litecoin moves 4-5% within the same time frame.

    Also, on each retracement since last December; if you apply the fib retracement tool on Bitcoin, it rounds out to 68.1%, it is just kind interesting how the golden ratio has this habit of popping up nearly every where.


    Things that make you go Huummmm?

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