1. Late for your presentation. I NEED a CryptoSpark tee, bottom line. Should I get one, Derrick will proudly wear his when he takes his 13 year old daughter to NYC to visit Wall Street to execute a few trades and the new World Trade Center.

  2. I wil note that the first time i herd the word bitcion/blockchain was at a bush doof/party festival in 2006, alot of the free folk dreadlocked family were innovators in that scene pushing out the known to the unknown ,,

  3. Hi CryptoSpark, I love your videos thanks for the great info. Love the t-shirts I would wear one when I volunteer in my local community!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  4. Dont forget when crytpos blow up and we get a multi trillion dollar market cap, there will be a lot of people who want crytpos including thieves. Just watch your back and don't flaunt it too much. There's a lot of jealousy and flaunting it is like walking around with hundred dollar bills taped to you. People getting kidnapped and robbed all over the place. I'm actually considering taking off the vinyl window stickers on my truck advertising Bitcoin and Litecoin. Lots of crazies out there and they know your Cryptos are at home not in a bank and if they steal it it cant be tracked. . Its not a real big deal now but when bitcoin is 100k it will be. Just my thoughts on that man.

  5. Not only a bubble to me, a sucessive group of bubbles coming to a future massive adoption of the teck behind, finally an alternatiuve to the Banksters debt besed system.

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