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Bitcoin crashed hard last night, what to do now? Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news today! Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to …


  1. THE TRUTH! CVE-2018-17144 vulnerability in the Bitcoin Core is very suspicious and the reason I am out of bitcoin and why everyone else should be out of it too! Its been compromised! take the crash on 11th of October 2018 for example! It would make complete sense for all the duplicated coins to be converted into Altcoins as well then simultaneously sell everything off at the same time when bad news is expected thereby covering up the sell off of the duplicated coins! BITCOIN HAS BEEN COMPROMISED and I challenge people to prove me wrong! REBUILD Bitcoin with mimblewimble integrated and lets start over because bitcoin is broken! forget the greed and REBUILD

  2. George, the biggest issue I have with this Crypto market is that it almost "forces" you to become a trader. Why ? Because every time one of your Alts spike, it is immediately followed by a tremendous sell off. You'd be an idiot NOT sell while it is spiking. See 0X (ZRX) today for example or Ripple (XRP) two weeks ago. I want to be e a "HODL"er, but this is certainly frustrating beyond belief. What do you think ?

  3. Now the theme/FUD to slow down Bitcoins breakout is to mention China, I can't be the only one to notice this. The last 4 potential Bitcoin breakouts, FUD about "scary" China has been released.

    1. A 51% attack is HYPOTHETICAL, it hasn't been proven that it is possible to do. So, nobody should talk in absolutes like it's possible to do.

    2. The Lightning Network (the way I understand it) would prevent the possibility of a 51% attack because it runs OFF CHAIN. So even if a 51% attack was possible and not HYPOTHETICAL… The Lighting Network would prevent it, keeping every ones Bitcoin/Money and Bitcoin itself and its Blockchain SAFE AND SECURE.

    So… Can China OR any other nation/country OR individual person "destroy Bitcoin" or manipulate/corrupt it? The answer is NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The previous theme/FUD was to have Warren Buffet or other celebrity investors (CNBC pundits), even convicted stock manipulators/conmen (Wolf Of Wallstreet) (and now Nouriel Roubini) to bash Bitcoin whenever it started to pick up steam in the bullish direction. Nothing can stop Bitcoin, they can only slow down its upward valuation with full of crap FUD.

    The fact is that everybody should own at least $1000 worth of Bitcoin, to take advantage of this emerging market class; if Bitcoin succeeds we will be rewarded greatly, if it fails we only lose $1000; personally It's worth the risk, instead of spending $2 on mega millions and powerball every drawing.

  4. I went to the bar today and talked to everybody about crypto and they all looked at me like I was mentally ill lol are we all crazy is this stuff really happening behind the scenes with all these big investment firms getting in ,sometimes I feel like the guy from the movie a beautiful mind and think I’m crazy 😳

  5. Tether (USDT) is a scary will take down exchanges like Binance…CZ should include other options of stable coins like USDC , not a big fan of Goldman Sachs but I sure trust it above the "people " behind aka Bitfinex , Eos, Tether..not naming names but but dyor

  6. man1: sir i can interest you in buying some bitcoin?
    man2: bitcoin what's that tell me more?
    man1: sure your going to love it let me just get the cons out of the way
    man2: there are cons?
    man1: just one or two sir nothing to worry about. all you have to do is watch out for ICO's 90% are scam's ,95% of alt coins all do the same thing,there is constant FUD and fake news,just remember never keep your money on an exchange there are constantly being hacked,well at least we think that's the case they might have just run of with the money,most of the time they just price manipulate,while we are on that topic sir just be careful of whales these are people with that much money they can manipulate the market at will,just one more thing sir,sir,sir come back sir i'm not finished with the cons.
    man1: hmmm must be something wrong with that guy

  7. Nouriel Rubini was also tweeting back in the days when btc crashed to 58 usd, he was screaming btc is a scam, I REALLY FEEL SORRY for those who listened to him back then and missed the chance to become millionaires……not to mention he always served the banks and FED which are the masters of the biggest scam In human history… FIAT money

  8. Your to optimistic. If 3hales did not buy Addition al bitcoin the price had allready crash ed.
    Look at All the dump and pump over cases.
    Now seemingly a whale Has selled lot of bitcoins.
    And if the whales cant Anymore Support price they sell the selbes with a Massive crash follow Ing.
    If you put your purple Glases of you See the problems, no new buyers, not even reached 6800.

  9. In all probability this crash [of the Dow Jones] is the FED working witht he Elite to bring down the economy so that it can be used against Trump and help bring about more Democrats for the mid term elections so that they can get the impeachment process started. I was thinking initially it would happen in Summer of 2020 to sway the Presidential elections, but it makes more sense to sway the midterms in an attempt to impeach. The question is how did BG123 know this? It seems like he was quite certain of it and it was more than just a guess but who knows.

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