1. These crypto people are like religious fanatics and their god is greed! They’re nonstop cheerleaders for their own investments which I don’t think is a wise way to do investment research and most of the proponents of cryptos are either void of any investment knowledge or are pump and dumpers of their own cryptos themselves hence the 1000s of YouTube ads that were forced to watch before you can watch a vid clip.

  2. I think you should continue to talk about what you are good at and forget cypto. I understand you want to get in the views bandwagon but this makes me cringe a little. Don't get this the wrong way.

  3. I have friends pushing me to get into crypto… What evidence leads you to believe there will be a crash rather than a surge? Obv if one crypto crashes the others do but I guess you are saying one will rise from the ashes eventually.

  4. BTC is the big daddy of crypto, your right when you compare it to Amazon, there isn't a close 2nd, Bitcoin will be here for a long time in my opinion unless they legalize certain things, there is a huge need for it in the underground world that most won't talk about and for this reason she aint going nowhere! TFS Friend, hope you and the fam are doing well!!!

  5. I've been trying to accept crypto payments on my website (bitcoin and a few of the other 'stable' currency coins) but nobody wants to give away their coins. It needs to become easier to use honestly before people actually use it and the crypto community is really divided if bitcoin fails it will be their own fault.

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