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  1. bitcoin hit 20k and now its around 7k so ya it did. I can imagine alot of people cashed out when it hit 20k. i am wondering how low can it go, if it goes low enough i may invest in it.

  2. Bitcoin is a Chinese scam that will transfer the worlds wealth to China. 80-90% of all bitcoins are mined in China with the latest and most profitable hardware. Look at the facts. Not only is bitcoin not worth anything, it's based on the destruction of mostly coal power. Energy the planet will never see again. A bitcoin wallet represents nothing but a real world BURDEN of future energy consumption for transactions. No intrinsic value, bitcoin is NEGATIVE value!

    BTC fails on everything it promises; It is NOT decentralized – it is re-centralized to a hand full of Chinese profiteers, it is not safe – millions have been lost in hacking, it is not sustainable – barely a fringe currency and drawing more power than small countries… BTC will never free the people from governments or taxes or wealthy elites. Is BTC ever going to subsidize the utilities that it LEACHES from? Power utilities are investing billions in green energy like solar and wind because they know coal will soon run out. BTC fanatics are burning it up like it's endless. Like global warming isn't a thing.

    Greedy unethical people invest in BTC in hopes of getting rich for nothing. The few people in this world who do get rich from nothing, do it at the expense of thousands or millions of other hard working people. It's called taking advantage of people. They hate the 1%ers but want to get rich for nothing!? BTC is a greedy unethical unsustainable parasitic lottery currency SCAM!!!

  3. Update he was right

    Bitcoin is down 50% of it market cap, and is turning out EXACTLY like the .com bubble in 2000. Don't believe me? Look at their 5 year charts side by side..

  4. The problem with bitcoin is that it originally was created as currency, and the speculative turned it into an asset. Meanwhile it's true that there's a limited number of tokens (of bitcoin), this makes it similar to gold in the sense that the supply will remain constant, so in theory the so called "value" will be maintained throughout the time, which is true from this perspective. However, what it worries me regarding that is once it consolidates and goes back to behave like currency, there are other cryptos besides bitcoin, so unlike gold which only has one kind of gold, cryptos have several rivals and new cryptos are being created on a regular basis, the risk here is a dilution in the cryptocurrency market. If something else from bitcoin becomes trending then the market cap from bitcoin is going to migrate to other cryptos. Most probably in the long run the trending cryptos will create a forex like market with a similar volatility, and the non trending will become like penny stocks, in the mean time we're seeing wild volatility rides, not exactly "bubbles" , since bubbles crash, and cryptos are consolidating.

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