Bitcoin could CRASH TO $100?! Could 2018 be a Crypto Bear Market?

The Bitcoin price has been crashed by one man this year. Will this crypto bear market continue? Should you sell your alts? Will Bitcoin and Cryptos ever recover …


  1. Kobayashi with Keyser Soze . They even bullying you with the names . My god this herd is pointless . That’s what you achieve with increasing vaccines .So long fools. Verbal

  2. also your source is not very reliable. reddit… the guy who made this on reddit has no access to any information on mt gox transaction times even less amounts

  3. You are growing but 5 k subs u wont make i think before end this day. With this kind of videos 2 weeks and you have your 5k subs! 0x5a29D6fa20dAccc4F46036578F3486D641e618a6

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