Bitcoin Climate Change Fail, BCH Feeds Chickens, Russia Blockchain Name Game – Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Bitcoin turns 10, Bitcoin will lead to epic climate fail, Mainframe dapp awards, Russia blockchain name, Zcash upgrade, Oyster …


  1. Oh shit , come on BTC community the BCash community if taking over the chicken feeding sector. We need to keep on top of this. Just like America didn't get the first person in space . Its time for catch up. How do we top this ?

  2. Aloha my brudda from another mother! I smiled all the way through this video! 🙂 Good info & good fun (w/chickens!). My favorite parts: #1 The intro! Who made that? You? Awesome regardless. #2 Bitcoin/Global warming – WTF? Yea, military industrial, gold mining, printing & dist. of fiat – add all that up and crypto is as green as it gets! Plus you can't do military/gold mining, etc with solar/wind/hydro like you can with crypto. #3 the link to 'Dawn of the Dapps. Keep up the awesomeness! Aloha and a hui ho!

  3. I haven't watched all his vids. Does lark ever talk about what a transition away from fiat would look like. Sadly, I imagine governments fighting back hard by freezing people's bank accounts that deal with coin exchanges. This would essentially lock them out of both crypto and fiat. In this case a little physical gold could go a long way. I have also heard people talk about otc crypto like people in China when their government tried to stop bitcoin but I can't find details on how that was done even after googling many phrases. Can anyone point to an article or real life experience please. P.S. Great vids Lark ..keep going with good content and some education for those who thirst…maybe even wake up the dead? Thanks for any comments.

  4. You can't get rid of the military & saying so is very idealistic & leftist…what about human nature where humans being humans need to be stopped sometimes..what about the peaceful Mohammed being a warlord pedo teaching the killing of anyone that doesn't submit to Islam & having billions of followers with millions of them taking his words literally & going about beheading people & exploding in Cristian countries…have you read the Quran & noted the places it says how to deal with other religions….what about China building islands & putting money before life or environment to staggering levels..Russians are so paranoid & power mad…want to lose your defence…are you mad.

  5. Blockchain and Crypto will be called 'Bitcoin' in the future!

    And the original bitcoin, will fade away as all 'crypto' will be referred to as 'bitcoin' because it will become a general term that got watered down over time… 

    I am already starting to see this.  I have seen many people starting to say 'which bitcoin should i invest in; there are thousands!? .
    "Is ethereum a good bitcoin?"

    or i've heard some say they invested in bitcoin but when they show me which they point to an alt-coin.  Interesting.

    So why fight it?  Bitcoin sounds pretty generic.. lets just make that the name as the real one fades away.

  6. I think the mining rig optics are bad for bitcoin even though I much prefer proof of work to proof of stake as I think its simply more secure. If only you could test if that power was coming from solar.. then design a proof of solar.. I think that would be innovative using offchain oracles. Feel free to run with that idea someone.

  7. Haven't you heard? Buying bitcoin is socially irresponsible when there are so many better options to invest in that are better for our world.
    Coal pollution and energy bills go up each time you support it or other PoW coins.  Shame on you.

    The big picture is that, in the very near future, we are going to see protestors amp up and demonize bitcoin and other PoW coins and will stop voting on political candidates that support the more irresponsible coins.. 
    And big businesses will begin to see this and stop accepting bitcoin/POWs, if they already did, or if they were thinking of it they will retract.

    In the future there will be tax breaks given to business who opt for more environmentally sound coins..  and for individuals who report on their taxes their capital gains came from bitcoin will be slapped with a higher tax than others.

    It's over for POWs. 

    Your intro is funny but that zombie isn't bitcoin.. it is crypto in general..  the ones that take over while bitcoin, bch, litecoin go to the retirement home.

    Don't pick greed over our world.  sure, we have lots of non-crypto related things polluting our world but we're gradually finding better means..  But with crypto THERE ARE ALREAY BETTER CHOICES OUT THERE.  so don't add more problems when the solution is staring you in the face. 

    Lets take Neblio for example.  No mining even necessary and it has a smaller supply than bitcoin.. yet is simple to use and much smarter..  It is a proof of STAKE coin that requires hardly any energy consumption..  computers that run it [nodes] dont even break a sweat.  because it is so incredibly efficient.
    And it is super faster than bitcoin will ever be.. and costs little to nothing to transact on.   It touts itself as both a currency to be exchanged like real money and a place to build decentralized apps and for businesses to build on and create tokens for, much like ethereum and neo.  It is built for simplicity so adoption is swift.  

    Neblio is just one example of a coin that is a million times better than bitcoin.
    Then there is NEM, and Cardano..  others i support
    Get responsible. Invest responsibly.

  8. "Those innocent civilions aren't going to kill themselves" 😂😂😂 that's prime stand up comedian material right there! 😂

    "Call the malta hotline at 555 555 555 555 555" 😂😂 love larks humor!

  9. This distraction technique of "what about the other guy?" is a page out of Trumps playbook.

    Yes, let's get rid of the war machine, and the banks, AND bitcoin mining. There are far more efficient coins out there.

    There is no bigger issue than global warming. What good will any currency be to you when there's no food in the grocery stores?

  10. Lol, great intro… but I think the Banks are not as dumb as people make them out to be. They could have stopped BTC at multiple points along the way if they combined forces they could probably stop it now too. My guess is that they have some alternative plan that allows for BTC to exist. Maybe they are just a bunch of dumb suits but I doubt it.

  11. It's Russia that has a marketing problem with blocks and chains, nobody else has a problem with it because nobody else uses them as tools to introduce fear into their population and as a tool to control political opinions.

  12. Really good feedback to the bullshit sayers about bitcoin. Sure it's not ideal how much electricity it uses but compared to how much other things use and so much we can replace using bitcoin I think we can even save the planet 🙂

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