Bitcoin Chitter Chat & My 2018 LiteCoin Playbook 2017.11.30

Welcome to the MoneyCharts Channel BITCOIN (BTC) gift wallet 33P5E2iwRLesW39sJoiQazoceQ8xQumHk2 LITECOIN gift wallet 35hBtnMzxmdiH7hjpjibWyKU3vvMBh26v8 LOWEST TRANSFER FEES I’VE FOUND Bitcoin…


  1. For more than two months coinbase is adding 100,000 users per day not tens of thousands, so there is a pretty big number of people with bitcoins to be honest, relative to time passed anyway.

  2. Lmao Derek I love to see your personality come out in some videos …. I understand your frustration with big bang theory … people told me to watch it all the time and I could never get into it …

    Very smart of big bang theory to put this episode out …. also will show the importance of private keys and wallets

    Shameless seems like it's also about to do something involving bitcoin … Will let u know when it airs but they're setting up the context for it now

    Also you should definitely check out mr robot the t.v. show bitcoin plays a role in that show also with the most in season 3… also the show is about a group of hackers that try to erase all the debt …. in the show the banks try to develop their own coin eCoin that tries to take the control from bitcoin and there's a power struggle w China … very very insightful and reflective of the current times … most likely. I'm not a t.v. show person and I can't get enough of it

  3. hi Derek, im glad u seem so sure of 250-500 dollar litecoin… i did not think it would go that high… but then again, i just witnessed 103 when bitcoin was 11,000+ …. we patiently wait n see… thanks for all ur charting and videos… nice to hear and watch… c

  4. My favorite channel for simplicity and accuracy. Derek, I have been watching you since before you started on cryptos. You have 11,000 followers but only like 3 or 4 hundred views. Are those all gold bugs just ignoring you?

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