Bitcoin: charting a crazy 2017 – BBC News

Bitcoin has had an interesting 2017 with some steep rises – and falls – in value. Many see it as a mere speculative financial instrument rather than a genuine digital currency, but should we…


  1. Bitcoin = gambling, only brainless for day dreaming guy's. I wonder why all media are trying to advertise bitcoin so much repeatedly. It is like they trying so hard to make you buy bitcoin, as they do for every year, advertising updated smartphones nowadays.

  2. Someone tried to send me money it usually takes a day. This time it took 5 days! Hope all the banks go down because with bitcoin that shit will never happen.

  3. If these people can afford to buy #Bitcoin to "get rich quick" ,THEN, those people can well afford to pay more tax to fix the problems in health, education, housing, homelessness & in the sectors of social/disability/special needs & elderly care

  4. 'Let me tell you about Bitcoin': You didn't actually tell us anything valuable. ffs, these are the people who actually push noobs into investing money they don't have into a technology that they don't understand. Turn it down a bit!

    also, No, India doesn't say 'Nyet' to Bitcoin.

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