Bitcoin Chart Update – Did I just Turn Bear?

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  1. I really think you are overcomplicating your analysis, in crypto all you really need is Daily Moving Average 50/100/200, and follow the news to get the overall mood on the market

  2. Let's get out of speculation and supposition and talk what is and has already happened:
    1) WTO's already has a 'back up' global currency in case the US dollar implodes – SDR.
    2) India already banned the importation of gold and went cashless!
    3) UBS and CitiBank in Australia went cashless at their bank branches!
    4)Its illegal in Belgium to buy anything more than 3k in cash!
    5)Ecuador is cashless nation! It has no fiat currency, but relys on the USD.
    6)Singapore most shops have signs 'sorry no cash', only about 15% of transactions involve cash!
    7)South Korea central bank will withdraw cash and become a cashless state by 2020!
    8) Sweden and most of the UK you cannot purchase tickets on public transport w./ cash!
    Cash is already finished, its only a matter of time before fiat currencies implode.
    The only countries with currency back by gold that I am aware of is Switzerland where 25% of its reserves are backed by gold.

    And so in conclusion BITCOIN is the FUTURE . Get on board before it's too late ( too expensive ) .

  3. I think 7500 is possible as well, it's just a combination of things why the market is tanking. But I really do think that the futures contracts, and that whole side of things is really making a dent in crypto. I definitely think that it'll be in segments, market will go up, tank, then level off, and rinse & repeat, at least 3-4 more times before we see 7500. I think it'll be something systematic.

  4. Of all the people that post crypto currency videos on YouTube, I appreciate yours the most. Just straight up, simple, down to earth explanations and analysis. Thank you so much for your efforts!

  5. I think the news coming from Asis today are gonna turn the market bull again. Actually it seems to be happening already but it's way too soon to tell, but I think bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency market is fueled way more by the news surrounding BTC rather than charts. After all, you can find two different chart interpretation done by two different (experienced) traders at any given time.

  6. Almost all
    the coins went down and this is a great opportunity to buy coins. What if the
    hackers from Coincheck are going to dump their stolen 523 million NEM (XEM)?
    Then the price of NEM will really crash so I save some of my budget to buy NEM at
    that time.   0x68223Ca008dd770b9a741764E1A3e3efb22dE8c5

  7. Market went down from the recent Bitfinex, Tether debacle. It looks like the worst of it is over, as of this writing the majority of holders have pulled out. This pushes Binance up the list. As long as Binance remains legit, I would recommend picking up their coin. (Not financial advice)

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