Bitcoin Chart Analysis April 7 2018 – Basing or Creating a Bear Flag?

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  1. Another excellent presentation, priceless to the average newcomers to crypto and the market in general, greatly appreciated, your comment on catching a falling knife has been stamped on my forehead.

  2. (repost from 3/30) I'm still trying to understand how the downtrend lines are drawn, especially the bottom most red line. They don't quite start at the peak on 12/17. I used the same tradingviews program to draw my own lines and made the top starting point from 12/17 at the very 19,800 peak and the points descending cross 01/07 and 02/20 and matched up exactly. Interestingly enough,as the line descends, it puts us EXACTLY where we are right now (6900). That can't be a coincidence. Could you explain why your lines start where they do, instead of the exact peaks, and why when you redraw the line to the very peak on 12/17, they cross 01/07, 02/20 and the current price dead-nuts?

  3. Really love the way you explain things so clearly and logically and then present both sides then summarize everything. It's like a 15 minutes full report on everything you need to know without reading or watching other content or news!

  4. What exactly do you mean by 'energy'? I kind of know, but it's just a figure of speech, right? Buyers and sellers are not really getting fatigued, so much as just ceasing to buy or sell, giving the impression that as a whole they are (to use another metaphor) running out of steam. Thanks as always.

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