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  1. Wickedly crypto spreading fud again , lol..The channel should be " Spreading Fud Gone Wild " haha, just kidding, it's all good, keep up the good work and bringing out the different viewpoints. As far as the Block producers go, they all just wanna piece of the pie even if is unfair to some but as long they are crunching transactions and providing better tools for the EOS ecosystem, it's all good…It's up to the community to make more effort to vote, hopefully when REX comes online it will change. I think EOS is more decentralized than bitcoin, it's a lot easier to replace block producers than a whole mining farm. Even if eos has a few Chinese BP's those are spread around China but can be replaced quickly if something goes wrong..Cheers! Thumps up

  2. You said something incorrect. with TELOS, the more tokens you have the more you vote counts. It is the same as with EOS. This only makes sense for a free market model. what you mentioned is a socialist/communist model which would be absolutely horrible. The only difference with TELOS is that your vote is not only weighted by how much tokens you have but how many BPs you vote for. I think you need to study more economics.

  3. I don’t think you were spreading FUD. I feel you were being fair. An objective perspective is always the best one. If all you say is the good stuff then that is FUD to me. NOTHING is 100% good. If you can’t talk about possible downsides then your bias and your headed for doom. Keep doing what your doing. I watch a lot of other channels but I favor yours because content is very useful! 👌🏽Stay wise ✌🏽

  4. haha. Actually I watch your channel every day. Of course I dont agree some of your view points but your channel is one of the great channel. You definitely are not Grandma and no need to give them Cookie. Keep on.

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