Bitcoin Cash is having internal conflicts and next week a faction within Bitcoin Cash is launching a competing client called BitcoinSV. Let’s discuss the Bitcoin …


  1. The Faketoshi and his friends want to have 128mb Blocksize. On the other hand, Roger Ver and his friends wanna take it slow. What goes around comes around 🙂

  2. I like your show and watch it on a large TV. But the new zoomed in format feels too “claustrophobic”, I mean your face takes up the whole screen! ;-). I think it was actually perfect before. It looked very professional. Now a lot less. Also, you need to keep the pop filter above the top of the mic. This episode has loud pops every few seconds, which is very annoying if you have a sound system with lots of bass. Otherwise keep up the good work!

  3. You didnt say anything about the re-enabled opcodes and the block size to 128 mb on the SV chain. ABC claims to be updating these same changes in the next hard fork. They want to have this DSV and CTOR first. This is a change and an attack against bitcoin.

  4. It's more like Amaury vs CSW, not Roger Ver vs CSW… the battle between the two has been going on for months, and Roger Ver didn't even choose sides until like last week. Also, I've read a lot of arguments from both sides, and none of them talk about being "satoshi's true vision" within the argument… this seems like a very poor summary of the situation.
    edit: The last half of the video is much better. It is just your opening statements that seem totally incorrect.

  5. Hi Ivan, good explanation, thanks. Hopefully the mining split will be clear enough to be decisive in the short term. Lack of any other consensus mechanism is a missing piece in early cryptos. Maybe what Dash are doing in that area is one way forward.

    Adding a higher level programming language to make add ons such as smart contrats easier seems like a progressive solution, one that does not risk the integrity of the base layer, and could be fixed as necessary when there are bugs. Better than Ethereum's rather risky Turing-complete idea, which of course they may yet pull off – but seems too risky to me, especially with relatively centralised development and policy making.

    BTW, you need to move your pop shield higher so it fully covers the path between your mouth and the mic, to get rid of thumps in the audio. You could also use a highpass filter (electronic) – maybe in the 70Hz range – to reduce breath pops and thumps further.

  6. If their is 2 different protocols then their is 2 different coins. The problem is non of the two camps are implementing replay protection, is this true?

  7. @Ivan on Tech Hi, please do ZCoin privacy coin tech review. i think ZCoin is pretty interesting, it is privacy coin but in the same time, retain its transparency just like Bitcoin. perhaps with your review, could explain it better. also it is about to do hard fork on 12 december next month.

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