Bitcoin Cash BCH to outperform every major coin – 6 May 2018 (Technical analysis)

Hi guys here’s your dose of technical analysis. In this video I will be sharing my views on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) & showing why I think there’s a big chance this …


  1. Dobe i like your videos, but if your being paid to shill BCH I'm unsubbing immediately. BCH is a fucking joke, centralized, manipulative, lying, it's not the open source, decentralized nature crypto is about. I'm honestly willing to missout on the price action of bcash because i hate it so much, eww, i wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole.

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  3. And it is setting up another continuation pattern. Bull flag if you include the wicks, triangle if not. The more relevant information is the volume though. It is compressing. This is looking very good. Volume profile-wise BCH is sitting on a high volume area, which has gravity. To the upside there is practically nothing, once this area is left behind. The only way this can be busted is if BTC rockets upwards. There is no way the two can go up in sync. I don't think this will happen, though, but Trollcoin is unpredictable these days and Monday is always surprise day.

  4. One possible and even likely reason for the BCH move upwards is the May 15 hard fork; but no free coins will result from the upgrade.

  5. I understand and makes sense Alt is getting weaker. But although BCash is currently stronger, couldn't that also mean that BCash value is also going down with them, in USD terms?

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