Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork 2018 – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! [Coinbase, Binance, Wallets]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin Cash. Twitter: Summing up the …


  1. What do I think? If I have to put my coins on an exchange to ensure I don't lose my money then crypto is totally f**ked. Is that what you're saying? That's what everyone seems to be saying which makes me think you're either all shills for the exchanges or crypto is irreversibly corrupt.

  2. They will fractionate to their greeds' content.

    Am waiting for a coin which is hardwired not to fork. Like when brute force is used to fork an amount, that amount disappears. Am thinking along the line of a third key which only the blockchain knows. Even the owner of of the public address who has the private key don't know the third key. This scenario will truly make a coin personality independent and stable. And of course curve the greed of those who owns a big chunk of it and thinks he can throw his Ver weight around.

    Now am not a programmer. So is this kind of coin even possible?

  3. Tnx for making this video. This one is a bit risky/scary. When Btc forked bitcoin cash, it was a great deal, financially. I am a bit lost on this one. There is not a chance i would jump into this. I stick to my long term investments. Eatin some popcorn on the sideline while wathcin this circus. Good luck to all investing in BCH though.

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  5. bch will ultimately be a recoup of profit lost, and essentially be a turn in the market for the original grandaddy bitcoin. where hopefully people will buy bitcoin and recover btc, because every other alt coin is direct price relation to Bitcoin BTC. period. BTC is like precious metal…A store of value coin like Gold. BCH and others like LTC is a transactional coin. It is no wonder why Coinbase has their shift card partnership they know what they are doing as the only use for card transacitons is through BTC. HOpefully they will integrate LTC as a transactional coin, and provide the market with a real option to buy and sell goods and services. BTC has 21 million supply only!!! there's 330 million people in the U.S. with Global competition to acquire it. It takes a lot of money and power to mine BTC, supply and demand and once we get to the end of the chain, supply will go down and demand will go up up up. basic economics and math. BTC is like a store of value. The community is sick of Roger Ver shilling bch as "the real bitcoin" and confusing first time investors of digital currency. That hinders adoption. The infrastructure is in place, however adoption is key. A hard fork snapshot 1:1 ratio is guaranteed. no one wants to miss out on free valuable coins. For those that suggest fomo buy. no it would be stupid to sell before the 15th until after the snapshot and this follow basic protocols in "hard forks" you will not receive your 1:1 ratio token swap if you sell before the 15th. If you hold during the snapshot and past the fork it means you keep your bch and you get same amount in new coin/coins.

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  7. Haha, so if there's no consensus, after the fork BCH will split into Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV, both of them fighting to be called the real Bitcoin Cash. Just like Bitcoin Cash was fighting to be called the real bitcoin after the BCH fork year ago.

  8. Every Hard Fork is permanent change, its how blockchain is upgraded. There might not be a chain split, and I think it won't split, and if it does, it won't be permanent, I think it will be temporary as running a chain that is overtaken by majority hashrate starts to get very expensive very quickly as all the blocks you mine are rejected by the majority hashrate, so eventually the chain with minority will have to stop mining it and switch to majority chain, or have to add replay protection so that it can continue as new chain, and should get new name and new exchange ticker.

    Also, Bitcoin SV client doesn't create any optimisations of the code for more transaction capacity, increasing the block size alone won't do the trick, while ABC client does want to create few optimisations so that BCH can scale better, but they want to increase the block size at later date (and I find this strange as increasing this limit doesn't hurt in any shape or form, and leaving it there can create artificial limitation again). Bitcoin ABC does look like better option, and Bitcoin Unlimited is just going to postpone the changes as all this client will do, is enable miner voting for each option, which to be is going to be repeat of what happened to BTC when it got hijacked byt Bitcoin Core devs and Blockstream.

  9. I am a musician that believes in the Blockchain, and I am inspired to educate everyone I can about it.

    I am currently accepting Bitcoin donations to fund my musician lifestyle, and If I receive .25 of a BTC I will write and release a space aged, rock and roll concept album on the 'renaissance' that is Blockchain and Bitcoin.      Leave your name in comments if you wish to donate (even .001 BCH)  I will thank you all publicly on the channel when it is released!   BCH wallet: 1zZcutg1whFedyyNCymHbAZFurtFWchHM

    See you all on the moon!

  10. Am I missing something here,? people are advising to move the coins to centralised exchanges for the fork, but what about holding them in your own wallet, surely that is the safest option? .. or am I missing something?

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  12. Jeez I have my BCH on ledger, but now I gotta plant it on an exchange and pay extra withdrawal fees again just to get another coin airdropped? that sucks.. You should expect ledger would just go with the flow..

  13. I’m a bit confused, so if there’s a new BCH, and they all agreed, and it’s all good, will I just double my BCH?
    Sorry for sounding dumb, I just don’t understand what will become obsolete?

  14. ROFLOL! Forkers will fork. If a bunch of forkers and scammers (IE fake Satoshi) get together to create Btrash or Btrash2 or Btrash dog vomit (or whatever they call it), they will just keep forking. It's not my problem. I'm just glad they're out of the community so decent people don't have to interact with them.

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