Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork 2018 – All you need to know

All you need to know about the upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hardfork happening on the 15th of November 2018. Questions? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. You're the only one out of at least a dozen different videos I've watched who specially mentions that as long as you're in control of your private keys, you will get both coins if the hard fork produces a new block. THANK YOU! I've asked in comment sections about paper wallets, specially my BCH physical Cold Storage Coin and everyone says to just make sure it's either on Coinbase or Binance, dodging my question entirely. Great video, subbed!!

  2. Good video! I've god a question: I own 1BCH at Coinbase. Since Coinbase announced they would support the hard fork and the new coin(if there's any), do I have to do anything or just need to wait till Nov.15th. I'd appreciate a detailed answer. Thanks!

  3. Will it be safe to keep BCH on Coinbase or Binance during the hard fork? Or is it better to keep it on a ledger during the hard fork? Will you still be awarded new coins if you have them in ledger?

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  5. I have my BCH on Exodus. In case there will be a split and a new coin will emerge, do I have to do something to get the new coin or will it just appear in my Exodus?

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