Bitcoin Bull Run in May after Consensus 2018 ! ICON (ICX) ZEBI (ZCO) Holochain (HOT)

Consensus 2018! Cryptocurrency bull run will happen in May. Watch out for these crypto : Zebi (ZCO), Holochain (HOT), Icon (ICX) , Wanchain (WAN) Join my …


  1. Telling people to wait for Zebi to hit a bigger exchange is not the best advice. If you get it now on IDEX, for example, you take out and store on MEW. Then when it does hit other exchanges the price will pump automatically by simply being listed somewhere else.

  2. Nice Video, but the question is, will bitcoin hit $10,000, Bitcoin will not only Hit $10,000 but it will hit $50,000 in January 2019, My 3. 5 bitcoin went from from $75,6000 to $35,000 during the massive fall, i was Devastated until i read about Diego’s Bitcoin scheme, after doubting i finally gave it a try, the first week i increased my 3. 5 to 18, don’t sell your coin double it and sell at $50,000. Reach out to diego on whatsapp and mail ,( +19419401800),, *( ,, No upfront payment or soever

  3. Секрет богатсва прост!Вот инструкция: покупаете токены Telegram , храните их до 2020 года. И ваши инвестиции варастут в 100 раз! Это очень перспективный проект!За телеграмом будущее!

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