Bitcoin Bull Flag?! Altcoin Boom?! | Bitcoin Dominance & The Next “Hype Cycle” | Fake Elon Musk

Binance: Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin dominance going to go down, and leave room …


  1. I don't believe in "strong" diversification for crypto investments. 60% Nano, 40% IOTA for me. Indeed, there are many other interesting concepts, including your theory about BTC. But following my observations on successful/failed strategies, the most gigantic pumps come from "close to zero awareness of something unique, no matter the time to market to then implement it".
    NANO excels in that domain and beats all coins in term of ratio "potential/ market cap". Its use case of e-currency is shockinly simple, yet, it is the most realistic and closest to REAL people need in society. Smart contracts are still at the stage of intellectual fantasies, and have already had their "momentum of awareness" (so, too late for pumps, and too early for real society benefits)

  2. Have you actually done any research on XRP and ripple?

    I usually like your videos but I was very disappointed in your presentation today.

    Even with the 15% gain staring you right in the face you blatantly skip past it.

  3. Carl believe me , bitcoin will go to almost 14k in november december and crash back to 11k, 2019 it wil keep going up and down between those numbers maybe sometime lower and higher but 2020 will be the real next bullrun to 100k

  4. Look into DGTX. It looks like it's near the end of a correction and before that it was on an incredible run. It's a super solid project too. I doubled my holding yesterday

  5. Whales getting ready to multiply their bitcoins by dumping into alt coins where they can maximize profits then once target reach they will sell their alts back to BTC. The BTC dominance is the true indicator to watch as we move forward.

  6. I disagree. That's not what Bitcoin set out to do. Why do BTC maximalists keep saying it should be a store of value? That was never the case. It's nowhere in the white paper. It was meant to be peer to peer means of exchange.

  7. Carl are you aware of Elastos ?.An incredible project with the amazing Rong Chen. at its helm.Its going to decentralise the internet. Getting closer to 1 million elastos carrier nodes going around the world built into TV"S speakers etc.. It was conceived 18 years ago. It will be merged mined with bitcoin in December.. When you look into it it is simply a stunning thing.

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