Bitcoin Bubble or start of Main Stream Adoption? Andy Hoffman Interview

Is Bitcoin a bubble or just beginning early adoption, is Bitcoin threatened by the increase of Altcoin market share? Commentary from my Andy Hoffman interview back on 30-11-2017 with an end…


  1. Awesome, you're back!!! Ive been in crypto since 2013, Im not so sure BTC will remain dominant. Look at all the apps that run on Eth blockchain, if you combine all ERC20 tokens thay are already larger than BTC!! I think Eth has brilliantly usurped the market with its specialized apps that have anchored the crypto economy to the real economy. Eth was a masterstroke.

  2. Crypto Coin Promoters are the Beneficiaries of this Ponzi Scheme. Many "Whales" paid pennies per Bitcoin. Now they want to sell you these tokens for thousands. Look Up Greater Fool Theory of Speculation.

  3. Finally I have been waiting for you to surface … this time last year you gave out very credible info and your judgement has been solid … so your views on 2018 Bitcoin matters …. keep up the awsome news …

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