Bitcoin (BTC) & Other Cryptocurrency NOT Being Used?



  1. You say you dont care re the price.
    If it keeps getting massacred long you ultimately won't have a market to trade in or make money from.
    Price is important so don't be too short sighted.

  2. I’ve always said without usability and without the network effect btc would basically be worthless. Inherently, btc only has value because we place value on it.

  3. Kirbs,

    I heard yesterday regarding STELLAR opening an Exchange.

    Also they will not Allow someone to put in A Sell or Buy Order for Tokens/coins they don't even have. What do you make of this???? Hope this makes since.
    Thanks Kirbs!

  4. The problem is the '' Smart Money ''
    When we smaller"s investors go to an exchange and buy Bitcoins it will affect the price in the market but when '' Smart Money '' buy billions, they can do it without affecting the price because now they can go straight to the exchanges directly and secretly to a decentralized and unregulated without it has any affect on Bitcoin's price, and much better get it to a fixed price.

    So even though a huge amounts of Bitcoins are being bought every day it will not reflect ANYWHERE on the market or the exchanges…. thats why now they are stealing our money !!!

    Look at LiteCoin they are draining it little by little, what is happening now in the market is new and nobody is talking about that, '' Smart Money '' have the opportunity to short, squeeze or manipulate the market as it had never happened before.

  5. Great analysis Kirby
    BTW man you should know by now why youtube keeps on shutting down your channel.
    I think you anticipate the Illuminati moves, its not a joke.
    I really enjoy your new vid!
    Thank you

  6. Love your realism. I'm not much of a swing trader, just holding profit because I'm chill, but I don't doubt the next swing could be from the 100 Week MA at $4.5k after a spike in volatility, before dropping back down further than $3k even. Once we break $4.5k, next support is $2.5k at the 200 Week MA. This will be the ultimate buy I believe, as BTC held this in 2015. Look at the BLX historic price chart of Bitcoin (Brave New Coin) that includes this data.

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