Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: The Short & the Long of It!

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  1. Hi Haejin Lee, would you mind giving your thoughts about this project called DeepOnion? I have been hearing a lot about this project and it seems they have a great community and team. Would you mind doing a seperate video or giving your thoughts on the project? Thanks in advance!

  2. with respect, i don't believe the price gets higher than the 200 daily moving average at $9,900. if you look at 6/4/2014 on four hour and daily chart, you'll see striking similarities.

  3. Very solid analysis, thank you for the video. I believe bitcoin will become good in the long run and will be a positive influence to altcoins too. That is why I have heavily invested in privacy like DeepOnion and NAVCoin as I believe they have a bright future when bitcoin finally raises again.

  4. usual bull shit from crap master #LEE.

    too you we go down.

    Fractals, Elliott wave, all mixed to confused himself and others here

    but BTC to the moon in long term, doNOT short it.

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