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  1. Linear regression, FIB, and wave theory agree.
    Up unless a whale shows.
    9,500 is BAD.

    I am looking for a nice long wave 3 up confirmation move OR an impulse or corrective wave down.

    This I command.

    I need more cow bell to know for SURE……'s bar will tell me.

    I went with NULS today cuz Bitcoin drops suck if you got stuff to do and can't watch it……..
    What do you know…..another top gainer on BINANCE today….up 16%……..

    I'll be starting a channel soon maybe….

    Behave out there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Hey Phantom, can you confirm my finding? XRP/BTC Chart Poloniex, Daily Candles, EMA21 crossing EMA 50 Feb 22nd 2018 price pointing to SMA200 same outlook as July 7th 2017…. I see it as an extremely bearish hint for XRP in comparison to BTC. Makes sense given the possible third elliot wave for btc? You're amazing, keep it up

  3. I remain bullish for BTC also. I am concerned for the weekend with low volume looming. We just could not break that resistant zone this week so far. If we don't break it by days end I think we will be seeing similar price action to what we saw last weekend. However, as we well know. Anything can happen in Crypto. Just for me, looking at the technicals, we were set to break through this last week and then a repeat of the same scenario this week. So something abnormal seems to be going on in my opinion. Which is more than likely price manipulation. Just my Opinion.

  4. Great video just as always. Very honest unbiased opinion with real numbers, unlike other people on YouTube. Can you please give your input on Ncash and NYC Coin, maybe if you could mention them in a video/make a video on them. Thank you Sir

  5. I donโ€™t trade on the weekend Itโ€™s way too risky. Too little volume. People are busy doing family things enjoying themselves

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