Bitcoin (BTC) Might Never Fall Below $10,000 After May 2018

Bitcoin (BTC) has recently found itself stuck under the $10000 price level however with big conferences such as Consensus coming up and a maturing …


  1. If all of the crypto exchanges went ???/USD then I believe that all would go higher as I personally do not want to buy BTC in order to use the other exchanges

  2. The current cost for existing mining operations is NOT $8000. It is ONLY electricity and maintenance at 1300-1400 per year. The ASICS hardware is a sunk cost and already expended. Just turning off miners, you already own and rent space for, is not really an option.

  3. Whenever someone tells you big things are coming up and that price will pump it usually does the complete opposite. He'll be shorting BTC the minute the conference starts.

  4. I don't think Australia "just banned" >$10,000 cash transactions. The first thing I heard of it was in the past 24 hours on YouTube, and it was just a thought bubble from a politician. What are they going to do? Scribble over the "legal tender" printed on the notes? My wife bought a car recently for much more than that and the dealer had no problem at all with accepting the whole price in cash.

  5. You almost pussed out and ended the stream to avoid the shotgun but they got you! I would have been disappointed if you didn't keep your word. For the future, put a timeframe that has to be met for you to do whatever the challenge is that way people can't say you ended it to avoid the challenge.
    Keep up the great videos brother!

  6. Guys. Is it a good time to buy Zilliqa or shall I wait for the price to come down?

    Also, which among Zilliqa, Zebi, Ncash and Xrp will give me huge returns in 12-15 months from now.

  7. Hey i was reading that info about consensus but what I am unclear about is what you mean by sponsors. You say more sponsors=exposures. and then say that ark has 4 block sponsors. What does all that mean?

  8. Bitcoin (BTC) has recently found itself stuck under the $10,000 price level however with big conferences such as Consensus coming up and a maturing regulatory atmosphere, Bitcoin may never see levels under $10,000 fairly soon. We found an interesting article discussing reasons why this may be the case and we are going to talk about the validity of such a claim.
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