Bitcoin BTC Feb 18 Technical Analysis Morning Update With Live Trade

Please see the detailed charts with blog and bias, where I’d also appreciate your support with an upvote if you feel it has helped you.


  1. Iโ€™m watching every update โ€” even for coins I donโ€™t hold โ€” just to learn your techniques.. Your analysis is soooo good and helping me immensely! Great to see your channel on a bull run. Keep it up!

  2. wow! you've built some momentum on this channel. i was the 1st subscriber. back when you started the 90 day challenge and were on a moonshot omisego rally. im puting in a request for Zclassic TA, lol

  3. hey phil! great video! i ran into something you posted on twitter that lead me to steamit and you had a video to candle stick reading, is there a link to that? i enjoyed it and would like to go back and refresh the mind!

  4. Thank you for making these lovely TA videos. I was able to identify so many targets last night from the knowledge you shared. I made a killing using everything I learned from you. Litecoin cosmopolitans for you and Luna.
    I will always remember you as I grow as a trader. I would love to meet you one day, on our 33' yacht.

  5. The 1.6 Fib Ext from the top of the larger wave 3 to A to B correction so far is in the golden pocket of the entire retracement of the larger wave 3! Can we be so bearish? I am newer to your amazing analysis (so that's how you really use that), but learning as fast as I can!

  6. I'm not sure anyone in the cypto space/community works as hard as you do for helping better the community. I know it must be hard sometimes to keep up all the energy and content and I really hope you get back some of what you give. I got out a little early at 10,800 and am pretty happy with that choice. I'm going to make a steemit account just to up vote your stuff lol the least I can do.

  7. Yeah, i cannot monitoring the downtrend as close as you did, so i never attempt to make the several short gains as you did. Nevertheless, I like watching how you did it.

  8. From the 6k bounce, bitcoin has been trading in a specific upwards channel so if it continues that trend, it may only correct to 10k (gdax chart) before it finishes the 5th and final impulse wave.

  9. M starting a fanbase here in SoCal, hahahaha…u r a prophet of crypto, and a good teacher. So far people i've recommended u, and we are all newbie and lil penguins, we are so far able to understand to play d BTC market…. Thank u, Thank u, Thank u

  10. After watching these videos I carefully applied some TA myself. I shorted BTC on 10818 as the 5th E-wave up with just a very small amount and I was 2% in profit in less than 10 min. Since I'm new I'm gonna take your advice and not trade at those really short timespans yet. Will wait till it bottoms out on the longer timeframe targets. Anything in particular I should be watching out for? Ill be monitoring your upcoming videos to see if you think 10k holds, since I still doubt my own judgement sometimes.

  11. thanks man im profiting thanks to you. i hope you will keep doing this forever ๐Ÿ™‚ we will donate just keep going ๐Ÿ˜‰ please keep us updated on 10000 to 9500 range if you can tight it up further. will pray for you.

  12. Hi Philakone, thanks for all the great vids! I like that you compare crypto with gaming. Also have been playing DOTA a lot, lately only crypto :P. DP was my favorite, what was yours in DOTA? Cheers

  13. Hi Phil, thank you for your amazing content again. Could you make a lesson about market manipulation strategies and how to react to it as a tiny pinguin? I'm always really confused about what to do when I see these massive walls.

  14. Wonderful insight into trading with Elliot Waves. Thank you for taking time out of your rest to do an update. Question: when you talk about the short interest rising, where are you reading that from? Is there a short interest data indicator for crypro? Again, thanks.

  15. Seriously, most informative video I've found. Thank you for explaining so deep into your thinking. This is the kind of channel I've been looking for! Subbed and followed! Thank you

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