Bitcoin Brief – Taproot, Lightning Privacy, Coinbase and decentralized Identiy

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  1. On TSMC alone there was a private firm ..guess who ? 🙂 ..that made a ASICs order of 440MillionUS$ in the beginning of this year … and that is just one Order on TSMC for mining chips ! So people can not even dream on what is coming online in terms of mining power …. someone is truly investing Hugely on mining equipment …

  2. I understand Bitcoin, Litecoin and others are being traded on Germany's Stuttgart Stock Exchange starting mid September! Will be interesting to see up this affects prices!

  3. They always say people have a motive for saying things and the more i listen to these guys the more i realise that. They hate on bitcoin cash more than any other coin like xrp ethereum eos maybe because it is a direct threat to bitcoin its the most like it. Otherwise if it wasn't they would just ignore it. I wouldn't even give it air time if i didn't think it was a threat. But yet they carry on every time.
    Think for yourself coz everyone has a motive to say something that benefits the person. Cnbc are a good example of this

  4. In a matter of days, the Bitcoin level of 6 k will be broken.
    The next hurdle is around 5400-5500.
    Then, expect several months of new lower lows until Bitcoin enters in the 2 k range.

  5. Privacy is for individuals. Public identity should apply to govt orgs, regulating entities and their contractors for private individuals to be able to verify their honesty beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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  8. I wish your videos were shorter. I usually am interested in the subject matter but don't have the patience to sit through 90 minutes of chit-chat to get 20 minutes of material. So I skim the videos to look for the meat.

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