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  2. On the daily, also have a look at the 20MA. If we can go up today and tomorrow, the 50MA will start going up, and we'll have a perfect golden cross of the 20MA over the 50 MA, combined with a breach of the inverted head&shoulders neckline. Could give us quite a boost.

  3. Giacomo is right on the wallets, everyone should be encouraged to run their own bitcoin node from home. With casa node it is no more difficult than setting up and running a wifi router. Tone is a little ignorant to think that most people who own bitcoin are not capable of running their own node. If you truly want bitcoin to be DECENTRALIZED and SECURE the more bitcoin holders who run their own node the better. I run my own casa node and it was so simple to setup. Its a tiny device that can sit right next to your wifi router. In all honesty if you don't have the brain to be able to setup and run your own node then you really should not be investing in bitcoin because you are just purely a degenerate gambler.

  4. MimbleWimble as far as I understand is being developed on the Grin testnet as a potential merged-mined sidechain to Bitcoin. That is why the token is inflationary. The idea is that you will be able to atomic swap from Bitcoin into Grin and then trade over lightning network to create real fungibility for even micro transactions, and to decrease the amount of transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

  5. Siebert proves how difficult it is to truly understand bitcoin. Obviously he's not dumb. But he's not smart enough to get all the facets of it. No wonder there's soooooo much dumb money in Alts.

  6. Think they should re-do Bitcoin birthday video with just Giacomo and his wife/partner, Naomi Brockwell, and Mai Fujimoto singing! ( perhaps one other from ‘best of the rest’)

  7. Giacomo, much better stating the defense against Jason than Jimmy.
    Get Jason back on soon, he’s a very good devil’s advocate. It just must be a clean debate without strong emotions and with civility. You guys are doing really good work! Make sure to keep it clean.

  8. OMG he said the Lawyer twisted his words! This is exactly why many people don't like Jimmy! Can't just say I'm Sorry for the way I acted Live on Stream! Or by the way saying I'm Sorry for acting like a Fuck Head on that Cruise! And you are Damn right you owe us Bitcoiners Apologies considering is your dumb mind you think you can represent Bitcoin when I can say no one wants you TRYING to represent Bitcoin! The fact he hasn't and doesn't apologize but furthermore makes excuses and says things like he twisted my words. Go Away Jimmy and Tone do not let him back. Trust me there isn't 1 person who comes here for Jimmy. I watch everyday and not 1 time in chat has someone ever asked hey where's Jimmy get Jimmy on here. There is a reason for that.

  9. For the Love of God Get Rid of Jimmy Song! If we want to hear from a blockchain programmer we will watch IvanonTech not some idiot like Jimmy! I watch everyday and he brings absolutely nothing to the table when he comes on the stream. Just because he is your friend doesn't mean you let him on time after time. Jimmy pissed off a lot your viewers yesterday acting like he was acting when the lawyer was on. Jimmy is a Complete Idiot and knows Zero outside of programming (which we don't care about and Ivan is better and can act right). Jimmy thinks very highly of himself! He is the only reason I'm not going to Vegas for the poker tourney and to eat. Do you not notice when Jimmy is on less people are watching the live stream?

  10. Jimmy vs. Jason @ Unconfiscatable in meatspace as opposed to cyberspace.

    Yesterday's online heated debate here was just a precursor to what will become the billing of Tone's conference in Vegas if Jason shows up.

    In fact, maybe they planned it this way to sell more tics to the *Con*ference. It will make the Jimmy Song vs. Roger Ver cruise debate TAME in comparison.

    I'm actually looking forward to the day when 2 crypto combatants actually step into the octogan to battle it out for crypto physical supremacy based on BELIEFS. Now that'd be worth paying for instead of this online verbal jousting.

  11. Do you control the private keys in this wallet? Does it use a trusted third party to connect or store your BTC? Who is in control of the keys? How much BTC should be exposed in a hot wallet for this?

    This is in opposition to everything Satoshi created. Kurt Wuckert JR quote

  12. Good job guys – stop talking to the lawyers unless we need them for the legal stuffs. Same as the shit coin lovers unless they can tell the different between bitcoin vs Alts…

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