1. Talks of hitting the dip already, capitulation and a quick mooning and a whole lot of other technical jargons in first quarter is all we hear lately but that just goes to show how unpredictable, and unstable bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are in general. Bitcoin for instance, was was supposed to be a medium of exchange and a store of value which is what almost everybody practices with hodling. Bitcoin will continue to dip into a bottom it may never recover from as long as people continue to hold its majority. Also, the whales will continue to manipulate it for their own long term purpose but then Mr Sebastain made me understand something which has greatly helped me improve, ant that is, trading is a far more certain means of growing your portfolio because holding with uncertainty is only playing in the murky waters of the whales and must be discouraged if you truly want to make great earnings. With the combination of a good working strategy and daily signals, you can easily do what you may never acquire even in several years of holding. This prompted me to start using his signals and it turned out to be invaluable to me and i don't think i will at any given time hold more than a few of my coins again. If you are not sure of what to do for consistent profit, or need any assistance, i am sure Sebastain ( sebastainfield @ Gmail) will be willing to assist you too. Always try to be open to what works and not what everybody says and you will do well as the fact is that the majority of those that seem great at trading are just speculators hoping like everyone else working now.

  2. The only reason it has crashed is because of BSV fork, and that whole push downward might, after hindsight, of saved the entirety of the crypto space by forcing a huge correction, finaly suckers are buying bags again…. but its just a bear trap.

  3. You are all insane if you think BTC will hit 20k again so soon. The new highs will not come for quite a while. New forks will come, new alts will pollute the coinpool, lack of scalability is going to reach a serious problem soon. Bottom is definitely not in. Stop thinking about patterns, they wont help you here, this is undiscovered country.

  4. Howzit Sunny. I believe BTC still will go lower around 1800 to 1400 USD… according to my TA but this would be around the end of 2019. I don't believe we will see BTC above 6500 USD unfortunately, however I believe Mar 2020 will be the return of Bull market and overtaking of 20 000 usd highs in 2021.

  5. ETH is very closely following BTC. When ETH hit 79 it was a capitulation! ICO platforms were all panicking and selling out – And where does the biggest group of people sell? At the BOTTOM. As I recall Eth was just giving up – It was capitulation as far as I am concerned. Was that also BTC capitulation? Don't know but it was very bloody when it hit 3200. Most wanted it to get to 3000. It didn't. The market will never do what you want. Too many decided that they were going to get btc at the bottom BEFORE it hit 3000 or the perceived bottom. That's why it didn't get there as buyers came in. Also look at all the videos -they all predict much lower -900-2500. Nonsense. It has met the pull back of the last bull run and has bottomed. I like your new targets.

  6. I dont expect that bear market will drag on into 2020! Q3 2019 I count on uptrend beginning.. a lot of fundamental stuff going on in 2019, Bakkt, Fidelity, Nasdaq eventually will launch, maybe maybe in late Q2 2019.. Bakkt maybe even Q1,if not postponed for 10th time ha ha

  7. I believe the consolidation channel you were referring too would be too long as well.

    If we saw sideways movement for that long, the altcoins would go up CRAZY.

    Regardless, I think we'll only see about 6 months of BTC consolidating… the chart seems very probable though

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