Bitcoin Blood – What To Expect – January 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

Trade Like a Professional – The Art and Application of Technical Analysis: ***Master Your Options*** …


  1. Recently found this incredible channel. It has more worth than just about every other crypto channel out there and I've watched (and eventually mostly unsubscribed from) hundreds of them over the past couple of years. So much value and a great pleasure to watch someone so talented in his field. Look forward to these videos more than anything else out there. A massive Thank You from me, sir. You are fricking amazing!

  2. Great work man! So thankful to have seen you on fudtv. Iā€™m one of the few still hanging in there that got destroyed from last January. Learned how markets work and now learning TA so Iā€™m ready to kick ass and ride the dildos(no homo)to the fucking moon in 2023+

  3. Great stuff,Just getting my feet wet,you mentioned the jewel indicator and thats it's a paid thing but unless I missed it no info. on how/where to purchase.I don't know how you find the hrs. to all that you do and still provide so much valuable content but much apprciated, more power to you!

  4. Hey Krown, useful chart I have found is setup as the following… (BTCLONGS-BTCSHORTS)*BTCUSD as I'm sure you already know this will demonstrate the spread in USD. Interesting as it's low compared to historical

  5. I think the most likely outcome for the current scenario is a higher low (3250-3400) and a higher high (4500-4700) to form a bearflag on the higher timeframes, and then dump to new lows. This will wreck the bears thinking we re-test the lows and wreck the bulls who buy the higher high.

  6. Great content however there are too many flashing items on your videos… feels like an arcade hall for kids and hard to watch. Flashing neon around your head section, flashing neon around the top title section, 2 moving texts at the bottom of the page, flashing live price indications at the right side of the screen,…
    This is a setup to induce epilepsy or get people into a hypnosis state of mind… pretty sure these techniques are used in brainwashing practices šŸ˜€ Maybe tone it down a bit? Otherwise great content and you know what you are talking about. I came here from the FUD TV videos you did šŸ‘

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