BITCOIN BILLIONAIRE SAYS ANOTHER RISE IS COMING! You Should Hear Why Bitcoin Will Dominate the World

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  1. Litecoin was best performing coin in 2015 at the end of last bear market during Litecoin halving 2015! (Doubled in value) Then Bitcoin moved up!

    Next Litecoin mining reward halving is summer 2019! Then Bitcoin 2020!

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  3. The rise is coming! Technology rich projects, Quant, XYO, Yeed, Cardstack, Oneledger, ZCN, CMCT, will our perform other projects. The top 100 have achieved most os their gains, with less returns, if any. Have a great day.

  4. Thank you TechCashHouse I blieve 100% that at one point the crypto market will explode in Q1 or Q2 of 2019 no doubt about it, epcially this projects Cardano, Digibyte, Apollo, BABB and U Network, because they are really amazing projects and they are extremely undervalued right now.

  5. As a store of value and not as a currency, I still believe BTC has great use and value. If BTC becomes a currency then great, but if it does not then I still believe it will be here for years to come

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