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  4. Bitcoin is dominant because despite all the marketing nonsense that attracts the crowd, none of the others offer any reason to switch away from bitcoin. Smart contracts isn't a big thing, and bitcoin will have smart contracts soon anyway (and already does have limited kinds of smart contracts). Bitcoin is an agile open source project for p2p value exchange. That's the killer app for this big new market. The rest is just hype, and doesn't really distinguish from bitcoin. Alts have to prove themselves. In the meantime, bitcoin will remain dominant. The assumption that something new will be desired by the marketplace, other than p2p value exchange, is just dreaming. You have no reason to expect a dramatic change in bitcoin dominance in the foreseeable future. The new killer app hasn't happened. "Bitcoin is the new bitcoin".

  5. Would you call Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim or any number of successful investors "leaves blowing in the wind"? One can evaluate the value proposition of a stock or crypto currency and then invest for the long term without, imo, being a leaf in the wind. There's difference between value investing and short term trading.

  6. What helped me a lot as a trader was exercising and just spending more time outdoors. It really helps your body deal with stress better and makes you think more clearly.

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